Leo Gallery presents Yan Bo’s solo exhibition “Untitled”


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Leo Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present – Untitled, a solo exhibition of renowned contemporary Chinese artist Yan Bo.

Seeking freedom in art forms, Yan Bo uses mineral material as the foundation in his work; distances himself from the boundary of rectangular or square canvas and creates works in irregular shape. To him, this is how an artist seeks freedom in creation. Each creation process is a wander to the unknowns. The initial setting was repeatedly tampered, and finally the work is completed with psychological and visual satisfactions.

Yan Bo, Untitled 3, 2019; Mixed media on linen board, 47x187x15cm.webp.jpg

Yan Bo, Untitled 3, 2019; Mixed media on linen board, 47x187x15cm

Yan Bo introduces abstract shapes and colors to his work. After polishing and layering the mineral colors and other mixed materials, the works he accomplished turned into solid objects with multiple dimensions. He constantly tries all sorts of colors and materials to obtain his own painting language, as a result, his work brings us a fresh, genuine and dreamful experience.

Yan Bo, Untitled 4, 2019; Mixed media on linen board, 122x244x15cm.webp.jpg

Yan Bo, Untitled 4, 2019; Mixed media on linen board, 122x244x15cm

“Starting from an inexplicable form; with a long period of inexplicable change; until an inexplicable result appears, this is what my artworks are experiencing.

To me, the process of creation is mysterious; it is a yearning, a constant changing beam of light; it is the excitement of uncovering secrets, but also the puzzles I have laid out in the excitement. I tried to discover it, get close to it, subvert it, discover it again, get closer, then subvert… until the final result appears.

These uncharted traces are the proof of my existence, also the evidence of my soul. I feel the urge of doing this, and I’m happy with it.”

Yan Bo

About the exhibition

Cocktail Reception: 2019.11.21 (Thursday) 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition Duration: 2019.11.21 – 2020.01.31
Venue: Leo Gallery Hong Kong

Address: SOHO 189, 189 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong (Entrance at Wilmer Street)

Courtesy of the artist and Leo Gallery, for further information please visit www.leogallery.com.cn.