Tsinghua University Art Museum announces “Antoine Mortier: Ink Made Real” opening on Nov. 22

TEXT:CAFA ART INFO    TIME: 2019.11.19

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Over fifty Chinese ink artworks from the Belgian artist Antoine Mortier (1908, Saint-Gilles-lez-Bruxelles–1999, Auderghem, Brussels) have been selected to represent the artist at the Tsinghua University Art Museum from November 19th, 2019, to February 23rd, 2020. During three months, the exhibition, titled Antoine Mortier: Ink Made Real, will be resonating with the ancient Chinese artistic memory and, more specifically, with the traditional and modern usages of ink in China. Mainly large formats have been selected for this exhibition. These reveal the precision of the painting gestures, rooted in a practice resembling Chinese calligraphy. Somewhere in between figurative and abstract, the artworks by Antoine Mortier link the intimate with the monumental, and interiority with the necessity to represent universal themes.

About the exhibition

Exhibition Period: 22 November 2019 – 23 February 2020

Exhibition Venue: 3st Floor Exhibition Hall, Tsinghua University Art Museum

Chief Planners: Su Dan, Gil Knops

Curator: Camille Brasseur (Belgium), Li Yi (China)

Coordinatior: Francoise Mortier

Project Coordinator: Wang Chenya, Wang Ying, Hu Xiaoxi, Wang Chenxue

Curatorial Assistant: Julie Van Deun

Visual Supervision: Wang Peng

Exhibition Team: Liu Huijian, Hu Xiaoxi, Luo Jia

Visual Design: Luo Jia

International Affair: Wang Ying

Administrative Affair: Ma Yanyan

Video Subtitles: Zhao Chunle

Organizers: Tsinghua University Art Museum, Antoine Mortier ASBL, Antoine Mortier Fund

Support: The Belgian Embassy in Beijing, King Baudouin Foundation, Belgian-Chinese Economic and Commercial Council

Acknowledgement: HE Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Marc Vinck; Head of Wallonia Brussels International Office in China, Mrs Justine Colognesi; Head of Desk Asia Pacific Wallonia Brussels International, Mr. Aboubacar Charkaoui; Region Bruxelles Capitale, Mr. Daniel Verheyden President of the Chambers of Economy and Commerce of Belgium, Mr Bernard Dewit; Public Relation & Project Manager of the International Artistic Center ADGY, Mr. Etienne Dekimpe; Eu-Asia Centre, Mrs. Yan Rui;

Volunteer team of Antoine Mortier ASBL: Michèle Pepin, Laura Wester, Gaelle Pentier, Jacky Maezele

The photographers, for their gracious photographic credit: Jean-Dominique Burton, Gilbert De Keyser, Robert Hauser, Oscar Schellekens, Luc Schrobilgen

Courtesy of Tsinghua University Art Museum, for further information please visit www.artmuseum.tsinghua.edu.cn.