Yibo Gallery presents “Abstraction 2020” in Shanghai

TEXT:CAFA ART INFO    TIME: 2019.12.24


Abstract thinking is one of humanity’s most characteristic defining features. It is the ability to understand the surrounding world and express conceptual ideas brought about by the continuous evolution of the mind. The formation and uses of spoken and written language are the results of such evolutionary development. In the visual arts, abstract art is a foundational terminology. Along with figurative art and expressionism, it constitutes an important form of artistic creation. Abstract art is a milestone in global art history since the 20th century; it is the epitome of l’art pour l’art – a loud announcement of its own artistic value. Without abstract art, conceptual art cannot achieve its independence and self-sufficiency. Abstract art is the cornerstone of contemporary art theory. Since the advent of abstraction over a century ago, artists around the world have expanded the horizons of the metaphysical visual path through explorations in diverse styles and forms of art.

Abstraction 2020 is a trilogy of exhibitions. Looking at themes of Cool & Hot, Black & White, and Night & Day, the project brings together contemporary Chinese abstract art through unique perspectives. Each theme corresponds to an axis of an academic observation and discourse – style, color, and the element of time. In Part I of the trilogy, Cool & Hot features the artists’ rich expressions in the context of sense and sensibility, philosophy and poetics, and geometric and calligraphic abstraction. For viewers, this is without a doubt a feast of diverse visual styles and conceptual ideas. Chinese abstract art has suffered many hardships, but it has gradually matured in the 1990s and has since grew and thrived for nearly 30 years. The works in this exhibition echo the artists’ contemplation on “cool abstract art” and “hot abstract art.” Their practices have also became an integral part of Chinese contemporary art.

As one of the promoters in Chinese abstract art circle, I am delighted to collaborate with Yibo Gallery to realize this academic project trilogy – Abstraction 2020. In the coming year, I look forward to bring forth Black & White, and Night & Day, so stay tuned.

Curator Li Xu

About the exhibition

Dates: Jan 1, 2020 – Feb 29, 2020

Venue: Yibo Gallery

Courtesy of Yibo Gallery, for further information please visit www.yibo-art.com.