Tang Contemporary Art presents "On the field of hope" featuring over 30 important work by Wang Qingsong



Tang Contemporary Art presents an important exhibition of artist Wang Qingsong "On the field of hope" in Beijing two spaces from July 11, 2020. Curated by Cui Cancan, the exhibition showcases more than 30 important photography and shooting scenes created by artists in the past 20 years since 1999.

“On the Field of Hope” takes its name from a popular song in the 1980s, which extols the transformations of that era and forecasts a promising future. This song inspired Wang Qingsong when he was young.

Exhibition View of %22On the field of hope%22 01.jpg

Exhibition View of "On the field of hope" 

Having become one of the most important artists in Asian photography, Wang has since built a body of work based on the dramatic shifts in Chinese culture from that time. He pioneered a narrative for photography in the 1990s encompassing a post-modern vocabulary, large-scale staged sets, and a vernacular aesthetic that opened the viewer ’s perspective to the ironies embedded in a consumer-oriented material world. Today, he continues to blend the techniques of painting, theater and cinematography to create multi-layered stories which extend the boundaries of Chinese photography and have altered the perspective of traditional Western photography.

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Exhibition View of "On the field of hope" 

Through socially impactful imagery, Wang’s body of work showcases the tension between changing societal realities and human desires, and imaginatively presents the ongoing drama that hovers between fields of the past and hopes for the future.

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Exhibition View of "On the field of hope" 

Four decades have passed since songs like “Young People Meeting” gave a youthful generation a sense of optimism. Wang Qingsong’s interconnectedness with and temporal distance from those popular songs give rise to nostalgic recollections as well as discussions of destiny and historical realities. Looking back on those memories and stepping into the future, they try to bridge the idealistic 1980s with the current pandemic in 2020.

On this field of hope, they bring together past and future, and look to new dreams.

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Exhibition View of "On the field of hope" 

About the exhibition

Dates: 07.11 - 08.26, 2020

Venue: Beijing 1st & 2nd Space

Courtesy of the artists and Tang Contemporary Art, for further information please visit www.tangcontemporary.com.