MOCUBE presents duo solo exhibitions featuring work by Yang Guangnan and He Tianqi


Poster of Yang Guangnan Temporary Building.jpg

Temporary Building is serving as a carnival of provisional aesthetics, essentially as a product of social development and construction of a certain era. Temporary Building is both a social phenomenon and a particular perspective, which embodies the indecisiveness of wills, the inconsistency of orders, and their enveloping results in disparate nerves. And based on that, a provisional aesthetics was built to reflect the reality of the specific cultural context in an affective way.

Guy Debord expressed in the Society of the Spectacle, being forced to obey the spectacle at every moment of daily life, this obedience systematically destroys the ‘conflict capacity’ and replaces it with a social illusion: a false consciousness of conflict, a ‘fantasy of conflict’. In a society, where no one is known by others, it becomes impossible for every individual to know his own reality. The ideology masters the society, separates and establishes its own world.

In this exhibition, the upcoming wall is inlaid with a huge iron frame, or a photo frame, whose component is but a wall that is either solid or vacant. The sculptures made of wood and metal scattered on the ground, are akin to two groups of construction amid design and exam. Their shapes are familiar yet peculiar, seemingly to be constant or capricious and full of uncertainty. The inclined top of the wall is as though the time has frozen. The sky is entrapped by the timber, which echoes the fragments of time.

Moving forward, the entrance to the inner space was altered by a column that splits in two. When the audience passes through the cramped gap between the each half of the column, they could inadvertently see their own reflections in the mirrored cross section. Entering the space, the empty walls celebrate the uncertainty of the external space. The only extremely fast telescopic lens projected on the wall seems to be the absent image in the iron frame on the back of the wall.

Poster of He Tianqi Nine Black Pearls.jpg

This exhibition Nine Black Pearls presents new works by the artist He Tianqi. The work visualizes the methodology of his way of observing and translating. Whilst revealing his own mentality and nostalgia through out the historical hardships.

The recent work continues to unmask the intrinsic quality of fluorescence colours and He’s natural ability to manipulate them. However, the exhibiting works are slightly different from the past. The color blocks are increasingly disrupted. The chromatic fragments put aside the compositional integrity. The fluorescent nature deprives the authenticity of the image. The image is not much a reflection of the surrounded space. Rather, it is the space-time refracted multiple times by an infinite mirror.

The dense, chaotic and ambiguous fragmentized moments interweaved in the process and disclosed in the outcome of the work. The reflections on the surface of the object, the shattered forms, and the fabricated shapes present the artist capture of the known and unknown circumstances, through disintegration and reconstruction. The reflexive colours and the suspended objects intertwine with each other. These disordered scenes absorb interlaced light and hints, suggesting even more unknown worlds, which prompts audience’s hope to find an exit from the condensed and suffocating space. The artist looks for an empirical relationship between body and space through out his spatial practice. Supposedly, the artist also provides many visible ways for the audience to dive into the context.

Perhaps the exhibition name Black Pearl implies that in the pictures that are full of confusion, there is eventually a stake, where one can unwind. The “black pearls” may also represent the artist's foothold in the midst of this turbulent era, just like the mainstay of a monumental river, immutable and weighted.

About the exhibitions

Dates: Sep 19, 2020 - Nov 15, 2020

Opening: Sep 19, 2020, 16:00 


Courtesy of artists and MOCUBE.