RTSM | CHEN Wenji: "Perhaps I have been unintentionally involved in an internalized closed consciousness. "

TEXT:CAFA ART INFO    DATE: 2020.10.27

Floating Ice.jpg

Floating Ice 2020  Oil on canvas, 200cm×200cm, 2020

Through the fearful and long spring, I hoped that what the experts predicted would eventually become the gospel. But the situation is ruthless, the hope is always so far away. and the summer did not wipe out the virus. Summer has gone, autumn has come, and it will leave eventually. The next winter days are approaching, we will helplessly accept the new round of predictions from experts and focus more on facing the possible second wave of a pandemic. Fortunately, we now seem to have enough psychological preparation and countermeasures. We no longer have the excessive panic and helplessness of nine months ago. We also seem to have a new understanding of the outlook on life. Therefore, we have enough courage to face reality. The sad thing is that our lives are only scattered fragments, as if the memory is still there, there are not many real scales.

Series of Superposition- Pertinence.jpg

Left: Series of Superposition/ Pertinence (Yellow-Grey)  Right: Series of Superposition/Pink Orange-Light Ultramarine

Oil on Aluminum Panel, 140cm×113cm, 2020

Like That.jpg

Left: Like That/January  Right: Like That/February

Oil on canvas, 100cm×135cm, 2020Artists are so self-righteous and always have an overly optimistic attitude towards themselves. We feel fortunate that the artistic way we process connects with the current state of life naturally, so that we can get out of the surreal living conditions brought on by the pandemic. Although it is no longer vigorous, there are more reasons for self-awareness and immersion.

Similarly, I am constantly busy every day with such self-righteous consciousness, just to prevent time from leaving a blank space for me. Life has become monotonous, and the time left over from this has not achieved corresponding results. Under the seemingly undisturbed life, my heart has been occupied with more chaos and anxiety, the operation of things and individuals is more demanding than ever, and I am more concerned about details. Perhaps I have been unintentionally involved in an internalized closed consciousness. It seems that I am always in a state of inaction, slowly dissolving the individual through art, without firmness, no conceit, only with patience and humility. It seems that I am repeating my own past, no longer relying on the impulse of transcendence, and no need for passion and will, only hope that I will exist within a repeated and overlapping consciousness, that the focus can become the driving force for awakening self-potential.

2020-10-11 Yanjiao Studio


That/Emerald Green  Oil on canvas, 95cm×135cm, 2020

Blue-Opposite Page.jpgBlue-Opposite Page  Oil on Aluminum Panel, 79cm×189.5cm, 2020

About the Artist:


CHEN Wenji

1954    Born in Shanghai

1978    Graduated from the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine     Arts

Professor of Mural Painting Department, Head of Basic Teaching and Researching

Section of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Member of China Oil Painting Society 

Currently he lives and works in Beijing and Yanjiao, Hebei. 

Solo Exhibitions:

2016   Chen Wenji: Solo Exhibition in Taipei, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

Because of / Dimension -2016 Chen Wenji New Works, AYE Gallery, Beijing

2012   Since-Works by Chen Wenji 2008-2012, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen

2011   WHAT-Chen Wenji’s New Works 2011, AYE Gallery, Beijing

2010   Central Academy of Fine Arts Annual Fine Arts Nomination Exhibition - 2010 Chen Wenji, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

Group Exhibitions:

2020  From the Mundane World: Launch Exhibition of He Art Museum, He Art Museum, Shunde, Guangdong

2019  Painting and Existence: Chinese, Japanese and and Korean Abstract Painting Travelling Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

2018  BOB·BONIES+CHEN WENJI, AYE Gallery,Beijing

Ambush All Sides-Another Way of Intervention through Social Vision, Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing

2017  Blank Cheque – AYE Gallery, Beijing in Berlin, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Berlin, Germany

VIBRATIONS - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bienal de Curitiba ,Brazil.

2016  GEGENSTEHEN, Cheng ART, Beijing

Text and Image Courtesy of the Artist.

Translated and Edited by Sue and Emily.