VillageOneArt presents "In The Mood for Love" featuring women artists from the Asian diaspora



Seventeen women artists with roots in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Chinese-American diasporas are featured in this compelling group exhibition of women artists at VillageOneArt.  Indicating contemporary artistic trends in figuration, historical painting styles, abstraction  and mixed media art-making, with an eye toward palimpsests - layered images that erode  over time - indicating the presence of history and evolving styles within the formal elements of their artworks. 


Min Huang, Porcelain Figure, 2005; Ink and color on paper, 86.6 x 70.8 in (219.96 x 179.83 cm)Then No.1_Min Luo_15.7x16.5in_2023_paper,ink,water-based pigment.jpegMin Luo, Them No.1, 2023; Paper, ink, water-based pigment, 15.7 x 16.5 in (39.88 x 41.91 cm)

Works by Min Huang and Min Luo in particular embrace repetition and layers, centering on clear elements related to identity then layering in additional elements to bring a deeper meaning through careful yet varied representations of a singular theme. Yanzi Zhang similarly builds sculptures embracing repeating yet singular elements in soft sculpture works that imply movement while remaining static and  unified.

Hyperplasia No.4.jpg

Yanzi Zhang, Hyperplasia No.4, 2023; Ink, gauze, thread 44 x 14 in (111.76 x 35.56 cm)Gentleman_EllieKayuNg.jpgEllie Kayu NG, Gentleman, 2023; Oil on canvas, 46 x 32 in (116.84 x 81.28 cm)Untitled, 2017, actyliconcanvas,xiangnisong.jpgXiangni Song, Untitled, 2017; Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16 in (50.8 x 40.64 cm)

Figuration by Ellie Kayu Ng and Xiangni Song bring measured yet nuanced approaches to the subjects of their painting. Natural elements in works of Tianlian Liu evokes fantastic reconsiderations of celebrations evoking seasonal changes. Abstraction by Pei Ou brings the  viewer a contemporary approach to painterly volume in elements present in these compositions. Yanzi Zhang’s vertical abstraction works incorporate thread and gauze into what can otherwise be observed as a composition made in the vein of ink painting traditions of ancient China. Jiayuan Shen and Cai Shen offer the viewer layered, at times fragmented  views of figures that probe us to question how we consider form.

Fire Lanter_color on silk_86.6x15in_2022.jpeg

Tianlian Liu, Fire Lanter, 2022; Color on silk, 15 x 86.6 in (38.1 x 219.96 cm)PeiOuBackView202416x20inchesoiloncanvas.jpgPei Ou, Back View, 2024; Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 in (50.8 x 40.64 cm)

By speaking from their personal experiences via their unique artistic practices, each woman undeniably embraces bringing a sense of mood and lived experience to this powerful exhibition of contemporary women artists from Asian diasporas.

Untitled_Jiayuan Shen.jpeg

Jiayuan Shen, Untitled, 2021; paper, fabric, acrylic, ink, adhesive, 30 x 22 in (76.2 x 55.88 cm)Astigmatism 26 No.2_ShenCai_19.7x19.7in_2023_Silk,mineral pigments.jpegCai Shen, Astigmatism 26 No.2, 2023; Silk, mineral pigments 19.7 x 19.7 in (50.04 x 50.04 cm)

Founded in 2018, VillageOneArt is a women-led contemporary art space founded by gallerist Vivienne Yang and curator Christy Qin in the neighborhood of Chelsea, NYC, showcasing works from local and international artists of diverse backgrounds. The gallery’s  foundational principles are established upon exploring the infinite bounds of human imagination through expansive and innovative mediums. VillageOneArt Gallery serves as a necessary bridge between art and the public sphere, with a soul reflecting the evolving spirit of our era. Each exhibition sparks a temporal and cultural dialogue, inviting rich reflection and thought-provoking perspectives.

About the Exhibition

Dates: March 8, 2024 - April 6, 2024 

Venue: VillageOneArt, 150W 25th St, #403, New York, NY 10001

Courtesy of VillageOneArt.