2024 CAFA Graduation Season丨Liu Mingxin: I want to give wings to delivery drivers


On May 1, 2024 CAFA Graduation Season was officially unveiled at CAFA Art Museum. Just as the theme “Direction of the Heart” contains good wishes and sincere expectations for Class of 2024 at CAFA, 2024 CAFA Graduation Season does not only contain their art achievements,  their enthusiasm and perseverance in creation are also reflected, which further conveys the imagination and expectations of young students as they embark on the road to the future.

02 The Paper Kite.png

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The Paper Kite

By Liu Mingxin, Graduate School of CAFA

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Originated from a scene I have experienced in life, The Paper Kite is an installation with a wingspan of 26 meters when it’s completed. Though huge in size, the dream-like wings, like a kite, are seemingly about to take off with a courier tricycle. Steel beams, bamboo weaving, thin-film batteries on the wings make up the unique appearance of a paper kite. The tricycle wheels spin rapidly, telling the story of ordinary workers moving forward courageously and tenaciously. The surreal wings symbolize the dreams and hopes in their hearts. 

In addition, I also intend to convey more experience of fate and time in my creation. Once in the heavy rain, the scene of a courier boy driving a tricycle impressed me. For a living, for some ties or dreams that have gone far, everyone works tirelessly to endure the everlasting pressure and challenges.

 13 Creative Process of The Paper Kite.png

14 Creative Process of The Paper Kite.png

15 Creative Process of The Paper Kite.pngCreative Process of The Paper Kite

My work is also an exploration of new energy art, as an extension of my doctoral research project. The “paper” on the wings is a thin-film photovoltaic cells, and the wings can rotate with the sun to generate electricity to provide energy for the wheels.

11 Exhibition View of The Paper Kite.png

12 Exhibition View of The Paper Kite.pngExhibition View of The Paper KiteCourtesy of Liu Mingxin, edited by CAFA ART INFO.