2024 CAFA Graduation Season丨Yang Yanyuan: We want to see everything, we want to see all


On May 1, 2024 CAFA Graduation Season was officially unveiled at CAFA Art Museum. Just as the theme “Direction of the Heart” contains good wishes and sincere expectations for Class of 2024 at CAFA, 2024 CAFA Graduation Season does not only contain their art achievements,  their enthusiasm and perseverance in creation are also reflected, which further conveys the imagination and expectations of young students as they embark on the road to the future.

01 Exhibition View.pngExhibition View

We want to see everything

By Yang Yanyuan, Graduate School of CAFA

As one of the numerous tools invented by mankind, AI (artificial intelligence) has a deep human imprint in its “way of thinking.” With the overwhelming spread of videos, we can see countless rich images today. In this age featuring visuality, we want to see everything, we want to see all. I have applied AI to replicate these videos to see how this trained tool “understand” and “correspond” to the world.

05 Visitors tried to find the differences.png

06 Visitors tried to find the differences.png

07 Visitors tried to find the differences.pngVisitors tried to find the differences

With a large amount of videos on the short-video platforms as raw materials, I have tried my best to describe each picture in words as accurately as possible, and then I used AI to generate similar images through my words. For example: Overhead view of a bottomless blue abyss with a whale and a white boat in the water.


Short-video images and corresponding artificial intelligence-generated images in the work

By juxtaposing massively generated images with original images, we can tell the difference between artificial intelligence tools trained by humans and reality in the face of infinitely rich and changing nature. It is intended to show the relationship behind the world of languages and images: people make things exist through naming, imagining and abstracting them, and at the same time, they accelerate their disappearance. Behind the images generated by artificial intelligence is the operating logic of world recognized by human cognition. The work demonstrates the limitations and possibilities of the tool operated by human languages, that is, the creativity and limitations of human beings themselves. As far as I am concerned, an artwork does not look contemporary seems to be more in line with how I express myself today.

10 The testing period of the work.pngThe testing period of the work

11 Yang Yanyuan and programmer Wang Borui tested the background program.pngYang Yanyuan and programmer Wang Borui tested the background program12 Screenshots of the generation process.png13 Screenshots of the generation process.pngScreenshots of the generation process

08 Yang Yanyuan introduced his work to the visitors.png

09 Yang Yanyuan introduced his work to the visitors.pngYang Yanyuan introduced his work to the visitors.

Courtesy of Yang Yanyuan, edited by CAFA ART INFO.