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Sui Jianguo

Sui Jianguo, Photograph by Fu Chunlai, 2010

Sui Jianguo, Photograph by Fu Chunlai, 2010

Sui Jianguo, Professor and Dean of the Department of Sculpture at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, is also a contemporary Chinese artist.

Sui was born in an ordinary workers' family where neither of his parents had ever been to school. Before his formal education in Western art, he studied traditional Chinese painting for a few years in his hometown Qingdao. In the mid 80s, he graduated from Shandong Art College with a major in sculpture; a few years later, he finished his Master degree of Art in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Then he took the faculty position in the department of sculpture, started his teaching and work in his own studio in Beijing. He also spent some time teaching abroad as a guest professor.

Sui has been a very active artist in the field of modern and contemporary art in China. He had numerous solo and joint exhibitions in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, and most recently in the United States, in addition to his active schedules in China, and several high-profile exhibitions worldwide.

Motion and Tension by Sui Jianguo, Installation, 2009

Motion and Tension by Sui Jianguo, Installation, 2009


Born 1956 in Qingdao, China

Professor and Dean, Department of Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2010 “Made in China by Sui Jianguo” Art Issue Projects, Beigao District ,Beijing ,China

2009 “Motion/Tension: New Work by SuiJianguo, Today Art Museum, Beijing,China

2008 “Art Time Square-Exhibition of works by Sui Jianguo” HongKong, China

“Revealing Traces”, Joyart, Beijing, China

2007 “Dian Xue - Sui Jianguo Art Works”, OCAT, Shanghai, China

“Speeding up – Sui Jianguo Space Video”, Arario, Beijing, China

2005 “Sui Jianguo: The Sleep of Reason”, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA

1999 “Clothes Veins Study”, Passage Gallery, Beijing, China

1997 “You Meet the Shadow of Hundred Years”, Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia

1996 “Exhibition of Works by Sui Jianguo”, Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong

1995 “Deposit and Fault”, New Delhi Culture Center, India

1994 “Exhibition of Works by Sui Jianguo”, Hanart Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

“Remembrance of Space”, CAFA Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions (selected since 2000)


“The Evolving Art” The collection of works from the Founding of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University & The Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art Museum of Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University Beijing

“ZaoXing’’ Artwork from the Faculty of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

“The city of forking paths” The sculpture project of the expo boulevard world expo, Shanghai

“The constructed dimension- 2010 Chinese contemporary art invitational exhibition” National Art Museum of China

“Sculpture- Sui Jianguo and his students” A4 gallery in Chengdu, China


“Beijing—Havana The Revolution of Art” at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana Cuba

“I Can Believe Chinese Contemporary Artist’s (Invitation) Exhibition & Star Art Museum Opening Exhibition


“Art and Chinese Revolution” Asia Society, New York

“Beyond-Sotheby’s at Chatsworth” Chatsworth, UK

“Half-life of a Dream—Contemporary Chinese Art” SFMOMA,USA

“Metamorphosis: The Generation of Transformation in Chinese Contemporary Art “, Tampere Art Museum, Finland

“Fashion Accidentally”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan


“City in Progress / Live from Zhang Jiang”, Shanghai, China

“Double-kick Cracker”, Tang Contemporary, Beijing, China

“Susi - Future & Fantasy”, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Philippines

“Absolute Images”, Arario Tian, South Korea


“Beautiful Cynicism”, Arario, Beijing, China

“Ten Thousands Year”, Postmodern City, Beijing, China

“To Each His Own”, Zero-Space 798, Beijing, China


“Now - Conceptual Estate in Shanghai”, Shanghai, China

“The First Nominative Exhibition of Fine Art Literature”, Wuhan, China

“Sculpture by the Sea”, Sydney, Australia


“Open the Sky: Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai, China

“The Sea and the Music: Modern Sculpture Exhibition”, Xiamen, China

“Left Wing”, Left Bank Plaza, Beijing, China


“Paris – Pékin”, Palace Cardin, Paris, France

“Mirage”, Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou, China

“1st Guangzhou Triennial”, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China


“Transplantation In Situ”, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

“Dream 2001 - Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition”, Red Mansion, London, UK

“Forever”, Canadian Embassy, Beijing, China


“Shanghai Spirit - Shanghai Biennale”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

“Sui Jianguo and Zhan Wang”, Galerie Loft, Paris, France

“Sharing Exoticisms - Contemporary Art Lyon Biennale”, Lyon, France