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Wang Chuan

Wang Chuan

Wang Chuan

Born 1967 in Beijing, Wang Chuan graduated from the Book Design Dept., the Central Academy of Art and Design and now he works as Vice Dean of School of Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His black and white “Awakening Series” demonstrates cosmopolitan men surrounded by lotus flowers illustrating Wang’s conflict with the rapid changes of China’s urban landscapes. His recent works are photographic montages illustrating the desires of China’s emerging middle class, set against the destructive element of modernization and loss of nature. Wang approaches photography like a painting, unlike Cartier Bresson’s decisive instant; Wang’s photography is the result of contemplation on the composition that in the end creates a unique universe.


1967 Born in Beijing

1990 Book Design Dept., the Central Academy of Art and Design, Graduated with BA degree

1998 - 2000 Master of Arts in Visual Art - Photography Program between CAFA, China and QCA, Grifth University, Australia, Graduated with MAVA degree

Now Vice Dean of School of Design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts; Professor of Dept. of Photography

Re-Focus Dragon-15 by Wang Chuan

Re-Focus Dragon-15 by Wang Chuan

Selected Exhibitions


Wang Chuan Photo Solo Exhibit, Epsite, Shanghai, China Refocus: Dragon Solo Exhibit, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing, China CIGE 2011 Group Exhibit, Beijing, China


A Decade Long Exposure – the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Chinese Contemporary Photography, CAFA Museum, Beijing;

Nomadic Reality, Beijing, China;

Remaking Vision - Travelling Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Photography, global travelling;

Open Frame - New Landscape Photography From China, YAVUZ Fine Art, Singapore;

Photo Beijing, Beijing, China;

Water - CaoChangDi Photo Spring, Group Exhibit, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing, China;

Paralinear, Group Exhibit, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing, China;


Beijing Pixels, Gallery 49, Beijing, China;

Spectacle and Gaze - Exhibition of Contemporary Photography,CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China;

The 8 Great Sites of Beijing, Pekin Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China;

Yi Pai - Century Thinking,Today Art Museum, Beijing, China;

Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong, China;

Art Beijing, Beijing, China;

Chongqing International Art Festival, ChongQing, China;

BJSpxl-4-F by Wang Chuan

BJSpxl-4-F by Wang Chuan


PHOTO MIAMI, Art + Shanghai Gallery, Florida, USA;

Asia Contemporary Art Fair, China's Unwanted Girls,I.D.S. Gallery, NY, USA;

Supernatural-China's Contemporary Photography, Artgate Gallery, NY, USA;

Art Beijing, Beijing, China;

China Trifft Berlin 3. Sommerfest der internationalen Kunst, Emerson Gallery, Berlin, Germeny;

Image Dynamics,798 Photo Gallery, Beijing, China;

Zoology, Osage HK, HK, China;

Spring Training, Pekin Fine Art Gallery, Beijing, China;

Siemens Home Appliances the 2nd Art Refrigerator Exhibition & Maternal and Infant Health, Beijing, China;

FOTOFEST2008 Biennial, Current Perspectives 1998-2008;

Retrospective Exhibition of New Beijing Gallery, New Beijing Gallery, Beijing, China

PORTRAIT-PIXEL-12 red lizard by Wang Chuan

PORTRAIT-PIXEL-12 red lizard by Wang Chuan


LIPF LianZhou, Guangdong;

Lost and Found, Soka International Art Center, Beijing;

Sightseeing, A9 Space, Beijing;

Dialogue Contemporary Art, Beijing 567 Glory and Dream Chinese Contemporary Art, China-Germany-Belgium;

Collective Identity, HK University Museum, HK, China;

View Window Contemporary Art From China St. Philips Chambers, Burmingham UK;

China Gardian 2007 Spring Auction China Contemporary Image and pre;

Zoom on China ,Milano, Italy;

My Favorate Moleskine, Beijing, China;

Collective Identity, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK


Post Fact, New Beijing Gallery, Beijing, China;

China Guardian 2006 Autumn Auction China Contemporary Image, Beijing,  China;

Harvest II Photo Expo, Art Scene Warehouse, Shang Hai, China;

Signs D' Existence, CAFAM, Beijing, China;


Chance Encounters, Brisbane, Australia


These/There - Images from Wang Chuan & Yao Lu, Beijing China

Courtesy of the Artist and All Rights Reserved.