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Cui Xiuwen

Cui Xiuwen at Her Studio on July 9, 2012-2; Photo by Hu Zhiheng/CAFA ART INFO

Cui Xiuwen, one of the most world-influential independent female artists based in China. With her profound speculations and extensive perspectives, she made several experimental video works which focused on the discovery of human spiritual world. All her image works and videos have unique conceptional features and spirit temperaments. She was the first Chinese artist who exhibited works at Tate Britain. Her video masterpiece "Lady's" has been collected by the French Centre Pompidou, Belgium Ullens Foundation Collection. In 2008, she was awarded the Global Chinese Female Artist Biennial Award -- Wu Zuoren International Fine Arts Foundation, Shu-Fang Hsiao Art Foundation Outstanding Female Artist Award (Biennial Award, selected only one from Global Chinese female artists). In 2010, she won the title of "5th AAC Art China Annual Influential Artists", was also awarded the prize to the first female artist. The same year, won the Youth Artist Award by Chinese Art Critic Annual. Cui also has a highly social influence of fashionable women. Because of her unique artistic exploration and the avant-garde fashion sense revelation, she was awarded the "2010 L'OFFICIAL magazine Annual Elegant Female Award", "2008 Women Beyond the Dream - COSMOPOLITAN magazine Annual Fashionable Female Award". Over the years, Cui adheres to pursue charitable humanistic philosophy, engaged in many social welfare activities, such as Pink Ribbon which focused on women's health concerns, the humanistic aid to the Haiti earthquake or the Green Call of Alashan Environmental Auction. Through these, we can listen and feel the care and love for life from an artist.

Cui Xiuwen, Angel No.4, 2006, c-print photography, 153x290cm.jpgCui Xiuwen, Angel No.4, 2006, c-print photography, 153x290cm

Some important solo exhibitions are as follows:

2012 "Restart: Cui Xiuwen and Miao Xiaochun" Dual-Video Exhibition, Eli Fine Art in New York, New York City, USA

2011 "Discourse on Inner Humanity" in Chongqing Tank Loft, Chongqing, China

2010 "Spiritual Realm" -- Cui Xiuwen's Solo Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2007 "Quarter" -- Cui Xiuwen's Solo Exhibition, Florence Museum, Florence, Italy

2004 "Cui Xiuwen•Kan Xuan" Dual-Video Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

Cui Xiuwen, 000000000, Video, 5'18'', 2013.jpg

Cui Xiuwen, 000000000, Video, 5'18'', 2013

Some important Co-Exhibitions are as follows:

2011 Twenty Years of China's Visual Arts, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2011 "The Getty's Videos: From the New China series", Getty Center, Los Angeles, USA

2010 "Reshaping History" China's New Art From 2000 to 2009, China's National Convention Center, Beijing, China

2009 "Collision -- Experimental Cases of Contemporary Chinese Art" Contemporary Art Exhibition, China's Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

2008 "Our Future: Guy & Myriam Ullens Collection", UCCA, Beijing, China

2008 "55 Days In Valencia Chinese Art Meeting", IVAM, Valencia, Spain

2007 "China -- Facing Reality", MUMOK Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna, Austria

2007 "Floating -- New Generation of Art in China", National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2007 "The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now", John Harsard Gallery, Southampton, UK

2007 "Thermocline of Art" , ZKM Center for Art and Media , Karlsruhe, Germany

2007 "Artist In The Wonderland ", The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre , Gdansk, Poland

2007 "The Screen -- Eye or the New Image" 100 Videos To Rethink The World, Casino Museum, Luxembourg

2006 "Between Past and Future " New Photography and Video from China, Nasher Museum, Duke, USA

2006 "The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now", P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center , New York, USA

2005 "Between Past and Future" -- New Photography and Video from China, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK

2004 "Untitied: Julia Lokte, Julika, Cui Xiuwen", Tate Modern Museum, Londen, UK

2004 "Between Past and Future -- New Photography and Video From China", International Center of Photography and Asia Society, New York, USA

2003 "1st Prague Biennale" -- Peripherles Become The Center, Prague, Czekh

2003 "Net -- City In Asia", Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea

2003 "Alors La China?", Center Pompidou, Paris, France

2003 "New Zone Of Chinese Art", The Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2003 "The First Israel International Image Biennale", Tel Aviv, Israel

2001 "Beijing with Contradiction ", The Oulu City Art Museum & The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland

Collectors and collecting institutions of Cui Xiuwen's works are all around the world. Some important collecting institutions include the National Museum of China, National Museum of Israle, Pompidou Contemporary Art Center, Ullens Foundation in Belgium, Modern Art Museum of Valencia, AW Asia Foundation of USA, BSI Foundation of Switzerland, with important Collectors including Mr. Guest (Former Ambassador to Switzerland)& Mr. Yu Deyao.

Cui Xiuwen, Rebirth No.12, acrylic on canvas, 280 x 180 cm, 2014.jpg

Cui Xiuwen, Rebirth No.12, acrylic on canvas, 280 x 180 cm, 2014

Press and Publications:

Private Roomage (2006) Author: Cui Xiuwen Publisher: Hu Nan Art Press

Cui Xiuwen: Angel (2006) Publisher: Marella Art Gallery

Cui Xiuwen: Angel (2006) Publisher: DF2 Gallery

Cui Xiuwen: After Angel (2007) Publisher: Tangren Gallery

Cui Xiuwen: Existential Emptiness inTaiwan(2009) Publisher: Tina Keng Gallery

Existential Emptiness in Switzerland (2010) Publisher: Hammer Gallery

Cui Xiuwen: Existential Emptiness in New York (2011) Publisher: Eli Klein Gallery

Activities and Awards:

2011"Leader in Art" honored by FASHION WEEKLY

2011 Invited by Max Mara. Designed Cuici Coat which won the annual Creative Award

2010 "The Most Influential Participants Of Chinese Art" Honored by Artists Association of China

2010 Won "Annual Contribution Award" of Weekly HOTSPOT

2010 “The Annual Young Artist” Honored by Annual Convention of Chinese Art Critics

2010 “The Most Elegant Woman” Honored by L' OFFICIEL

2008 "Shu-Fang Hsiao Art Fund Award for Outstanding Female Artist" Honored by Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts.

2008 "The Annual Fashionable Woman Award" Honored by COSMOPOLITAN

2003 "The Most Beautiful Woman" Honored by ELLE

1998 "Women in the Art Society Award" Honored by The Committee of "Century • Women" Art Exhibition

2006 Pink Ribbons Charity, she donated her oil painting "Woman-3"(40x40cm, 2002)

Cui Xiuwen is also involved in many Transboundary Activities. In 2012, she was invited to advocate for concepts of In 2011, she was invited by Max Mara. The character of the Cuici Coat designed by her has won the annual Creative Award. In 2010, she collaborated with Cartier to advocate for their jewelry. In 2008, she was invited by Dior to advocate for their cosmetics. In 2007, she collaborated with Fendi to design a handbag.

Cui Xiuwen is full of enthusiasm about charity activities. In 2006, she donated her oil painting "Woman-3"(40x40cm,2002) to the Pink Ribbons Charity. In 2010, she donated her imaginary work "Angel No.14"(edition 7/10,80x60cm,2006) o the Haiti Earthquake Aid. In 2010, she donated her imaginary work "Angel No.9" (edition 8/8, 190x103cm,2006) to the "I See You" Aid for the drought in Alxa. In 2011, she donated her imaginary work "Existential Emptiness No.14" (edition 3/8, 400x36cm,2009)to the "Love and Hope" -Artists aid for the tsunami that occured in Japan. In 2011, she donated her imaginary work "Existential Emptiness No.15"(edition 5/6, 250x61cm,2009) to "Golden Sun" aid for the small-electricity region of China.