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Wen Lipeng

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Starting from Nature, without the constraints of nature; at the same time paying attention to the use of the characteristics of oil painting materials, but not constrained by the inherent plastic methods of oil painting, these are the characteristics of Wen Lipeng’s creations in oil painting over a decade. Never having been constrained by nature is to highlight the subjectivity of the artist who changes the natural object to an art image, to make all shaping methods subject to the true feelings of the artist, to reflect the strong feelings in the mind. Never having been constrained by the inherent plastic methods of oil painting is to absorb the idea and experience of traditional ink and wash in his creations, introducing the elements of freehand in the creation of his oil paintings. This freehand oil painting demands the use of an individual style of painting language to convey the feelings of the painter, which needs a certain skill, but its value is not only the skill, but also the accomplishment, feelings and understanding, while the accomplishment, feelings and understanding is connected by the painter’s personality and spiritual temperament.

Except from Shao Dazhen: The Symphony of Force and BeautyReading Wen Lipeng’s Oil Painting

People can feel the spiritual development of the art characteristics of an era from the manner of the tragic pursuit of the noble and grand because this pursuit pursues the essence of the noble and great human soul which makes Wen Lipeng’s work have an irreplaceable position and significance in contemporary Chinese painting. From “Ode to Red Candle” to “White Stone” series, he changed the memorial of the surrounding heroes, to the concern and thinking of the fate of the nation. The development of the artistic thought is linked to the development of the attitudes of life, he encourages himself by “sincerely painting, sincerely behaving”, which makes people excited when appreciating his art.

Except from Shui Zhongtian: Red Candle and White Stone–Wen Lipeng

The great artist is revered by people and history, not because his paintings are auctioned at a high price, but because he is a real great man. They sincerely use artistic labor and creations to enrich the spiritual civilization of humans.

Except from Wen Lipeng: Calling the Sublime Calling the Sincere

The artistic sketch is boldly called the art work created by the painter by personally observing and experiencing nature and his social life, cleverly cooperating with eyes, mind and hands, which is “second nature” to “between the similar and the dissimilar”, and it is the basis that humans become higher animals, transcending the advantage of photographic technology, and the basis for my belief that art will never die.

Except from Wen Lipeng: Note of Sketch and Creation

After ten years, we moved from the Tumen River to Xin’an River, from Baiyangdian to Qinghai Lake, from Langya Mountain to Qilian Mountain, from the Taihang Mountains to the Wangwu Mountain, left the Red Flag Canal in the mountains, and went to Zhangjiajie in the West of Hunan Province which is hardly known by people, having spent 10 years on this long journey.

Except from Wen Lipeng: The Grace of Artistic Sketch

Mr. Wen Lipeng has spent decades on the individual exploration of language and materials. The structure of the work is refining, perseveringly expressive. The color is induced and summarized; the concise drawing focuses on the emotional performance. The screen attaches great importance to the solid structure, with the strength of the stone inscription, seemingly tracing what is left by the sculptural knife, using the composition of print, the temperament of heroism and power, as a symbol of resilience, to constitute the distinct personal style of Wen Lipeng.

Except from Yang Feiyun’s Review on Wen Lipeng’s Works: Bones and Muscles, Character, Temperature

About the Artist

Wen Lipeng was born in Xishui, Hubei Province in October 1931 and graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, CAFA, in 1963. Wen Lipeng served as the Deputy Director of the Department of Oil Painting, CAFA from 1978 to 1983, and the Director of the Department of Oil Painting, CAFA from 1983 to 1991. He has received a Special Allowance by the State Council since 1993. Now he is a professor of CAFA, a consultant and researcher of the Oil Painting Institute of China National Academy of Painting. He once served as Deputy Director of the Oil Painting Committee of Chinese Artists Association, Vice Chairman of China Oil Painting Society.


“Ode to Red Candle” won the Bronze Prize of the 5th National Art Exhibition, Silver prize of Beijing Art Exhibition

“Fire” won the Excellent Work Prize of Beijing Art Exhibition

“Prelude to Red Candle” won the Award of the First Chinese Mural Painting Exhibition

He was awarded the Achievement Award of Plastic and Performing Arts by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in 2014


“Ode to Red Candle”, “The Daughter of the Earth”, “Passionate Plateau No.2” collected by the National Art Museum of China

“The Internationale”, “The Quiet Night” collected by CAFA Art Museum

“The Blood Debt”, “Autumn Memorial”, “Wen Yiduo”, etc., collected by China History Museum (now renamed the National Museum of China)

“Morning Song”, “Early Spring” and other 3 works collected by Shanghai Museum

Solo Exhibitions

2005 Dadi Art Museum in Shandong

1995 Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Yanhuang Art Museum in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Mountain Art Museum

1994 National Art Museum of China, Beijing

1988 City Internationale des Arts, Paris, France


“Selection of the Artists from Mainland China· Wen Lipeng”

“Wen Lipeng’s Landscape Sketches of Oil Painting”

“Research of the 3rd Generation of Oil Painter in China· Wen Lipeng”

The large-scale catalog “Wen Lipeng”

“Wen Lipeng’s Corpus” 4 volumes

“Critical Biography of Wang Shikuo”

Courtesy of the artist, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO