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Yu Ding

As the current vice president of the School of Humanities, CAFA and Director of the Arts Management Department, Yu Ding has participated in the international Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE) Conference and made his speech. In 2006 he was invited to visit the Arts Management Department of Columbia University and teach there. Thus Joan Jeffri, the dean of this department as well as former president of the Institute of International Art Management Education, Prof. and Yu Ding co-published “Respect for Art: Visual Arts Administration and Management in China and the United States.

Yu Ding Made His Speech

Biography of Yu Ding

Yu Ding, Doctor of Art History

Research direction

Arts Administration, Policies of Art and Culture, Art History and Art Theory.


General Introduction of Art Management, Research on West Contemporary Art, Research Technique of Art Management, Context of Art Management and System and Operation of Contemporary Art.

Working experience

2003 till now            Vice President of the School of Humanities, CAFA, Beijing;

2002                            set up seminar office of art management and worked as office director;

2001                            teacher of west art history in art school of the  Central Academy of Fine Arts;

1989-2000               editor of the magazine of The World's Art  in the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Academic Accomplishments

* main books and articles (6 in total)

1. Literature of Chinese Oil Painting (collaboration with Zhao Li),Hunan Art Press,Dec.2001

2. Masters in Classic Eras-masters Influencing the World Art Process, An Hui art press, Apr.2004

3. European Art in the 19th Century (Part one)( collaboration with Tong Jinghan, Lu Lei),People University press,Oct.2004

4. Echo at the End of Century: New Classic Art, Chinese youth press,1988

5. Respect for Art, Visual Arts Administration and Management in China and The United States (collaboration with Joan Jeffri),China intellectual press,Oct.2007

6. General Introduction of Art Management(national teaching material for College graduate),Higher education press, Dec.2007

* Academic Thesis, theoretically critic articles (16 in total)

1. "New Orientation for Art--Summarization of ‘New horizon new media’ "at the Chinese Contemporary Art Seminar

2. "Enterprising and Deploitating--Summarization of the Fourth Chinese Art Industry Forum’" , Art Observation, 2002, Issue No.10

3. "Institutionalized Art Management", supplement of Art Education, 2005

4. "Impressionism in the Exhibition", Art Education 2005, Issue No.1

5."Concept of Criticism or Object of Art History? " , Literature & Art Studies, 2005, Issue No.9.

6."Inducting Galleries into Market Management", China culture daily, Aug.17.2004

7. "New Mode for Public Art", China Culture Daily,  Jul.23.2004

8. "Anglicizing the Marketization of Chinese Contemporary Art Through Researching Art Fairs", China Culture Daily, Dec.28.2005

9. "Identity Transformation During Contemporary Art", China Culture Daily, Feb.21.2006

10. "Comment on the Market and Collection of American Modern Art", China Culture Daily, Feb.11.2007

11. "The Market and Collection of American Modern Art", China Culture Daily, 2007.Issue No.2

12." Return of Realism Painting of Europe and U.S. in the1980s", Literature & Art Studies, 2007.issue No.6

13. "Return of Creative Tradition", Architectural Journal,2007.issue No.8

14. "Chinese art, Chinese Standard", Art Observation,2007.issue No.9

15. "Contemporary Art Reflected by Art System-discuss Chinese Art Criteria Thrice", National Art Museum of China, 2008.issue No.1

16. Collusion and Rebellion-discussion of Realism and Modernistic in the 20th century, Times and Academy thesis collection, 2005,people’s fine art publishing house

Yu Ding at the Seminar in Today Art Museum

Yu Ding at the Seminar in Today Art Museum

Main publications

1. Art Research supplement(400,000 characters),the first thesis collection on visual art management in China. He works as general curator and deputy executive editor in chief.

2."Traditional Chinese Watercolor Painting" Painting Album, Culture and Art Publishing House,2007, worked as deputy editor in chief.

Academic conferences and activities

* International Activities:

1. 2004 Wins the art elite prize ofACC and is sponsored to investigate art management education in U.S.

2. 2004 AttendsAAAE seminar held in Dallas. He is the first Chinese who become a member ofAAAE.

3. 2006 Sponsored byACC again as a visiting professor in Colombia University for 5 months and worked as teacher of part of graduates’s cases classes in art management department.

4. Apr.2006 Attended international art management education society’s seminar and made speech titled ‘the context of Chinese art management’, which was spoken high.

5. Apr.2006 Attended the seminar ‘History of Asian art in 21 century’ held by Asia Society in New York.

6. 2006-07 published ‘greet to art: visual art management in China and America’(collaborate with Joan Jeffri, professor and director of art management department in Colombia University).English version of this book has been published and was distributed by American museums society and around America.

7. Jul.2006 attended the first ‘directors of Asian galleries’ seminar’ and made speech.

8. Feb.2007 attended academic seminar ‘American 300 years’ art’ held by NAMOC and Guggenheim Foundation and made speech as Chinese expert.

9. Jun.10.2007 Attended experts conversation with American president art humanity committee, American national art foundation and American national humanity foundation delegation.

10. Aug.2007 Schemed large exhibition ‘Chinese Ink and wash painting’ held in Grand Palace, which was the first exhibition held since 20 century.

11. Apr.25.-27.2008 attended the 2008 seminar of international art management & education society in University of Wisconsin-Madison and presided team discussion and made speech.

12.Oct.19-20.2008 attended and presided international gallery director seminar held by NAMOC and China central academy of fine art’s art gallery, with over 40 galleries’ directors present.

Main Academic Activities in China

1.2005 planed and organized short-term seminar named ‘art management on the background of economic globalization’, which was taught by Joan Jeffri, department head of art management department in Colombia University.

2. Jun.2005 attended the seminar named ‘art in MaoZengdong’s era’ and made subject speech.

3. Mar.16.2006 organized the first Annual Chinese art management education conference in China central academy of fine art, where no less than 28 schools were present. Besides, He made successful speech.

4. Nov.2006 Attended the first ‘foreign art research and teaching development tactics seminar’ in Jinan and made subject speech.

5. May.2007 Attended and organized the second Chinese art management conference (40 colleges present) and made subject speech.

6. May-Aug.2007 Schemed large exhibition ‘Chinese traditional ink and water painting exhibition – 2007 Chinese contemporary invitation exhibition(Shanghai-Beijing-Bangkok)’and held theoretical seminar.

7. Jun.2007 Judge for ‘2006 China hand-drawn architecture painting contest ’held by architecture ministry and China architecture society.

8. Sep.2007 Made a speech named ‘market and collection of Chinese contemporary art’ in China Europe International Business School in Zhenzhen.

9. Oct.2007 Made speech titled ‘art innovation to management innovation’ on the innovation management seminar for general managers held by IBM China Channel University in China.

10. Jan.2008 Attended the third Shenzhen galleries forum.

11. Mar.22.2008 Served as academic compere for the third Chinese art management education conference held by Beijing Film Academy.

12. Apr.17.2008 Attended the second annual art history education conference in Sichuan Fine Art Institute.

13. Jun.2008 Attended the third Beijing Biennale’s seminar and made subject speech.

14. Aug.2008 Attended Chinese art forum in Guangdong named ’30 anniversary art exhibition since reform and opening-up.

Research tasks

1. National art technology '15 projects'2005 ministry youth project: research on west art management, completed.

2. Superior teaching material 'visual art foundation' in Beijing teaching reform, higher education press, uncompleted.

3. National teaching material in 15 project-' general introduction of art management '(teaching material of China central academy of fine art), higher education press, published.

4. Commissioned by China literature and art society and Chinese artists association, investigated to 798, artists’ villages all around China, creating situation of young artists and Chinese contemporary art market to write four research reports, which were submit to the central leaders.

Academic part time jobs

1. Deputy chairman and secretary-general of China Art management and education association.

2. Commissary of experts committee in NAMOC

3. Commissary and deputy secretary-general of Zhou Zuoren International art foundation committee

4. Art commissary of Chinese painting and calligraphy committee

5. Consultant in honor of ‘Blue taste management salon’ of IBM University in China

6. Visiting professor of art management department in Columbia University

7. Visiting professor of art college in Hunan Normal Univers