Art Projects Gallery presents "Frenetic City: Zhou Hanshun Solo Exhibition" in Hong Kong

TEXT:Sue Wang    DATE: 2019.2.25

Zhou Hanshun, Frenetic City 41; Archivial Pigment Print on Hahnenuhle Fine Art Paper, 80x80cm; Limited Edition of 5

A photographic image typically captures a specific moment, frozen in time. Photographic Artist Zhou Hanshun’s mesmerising imageries on the contrary, unfreezes time. His unique technique of capturing the same scene at a multiplicity of moments, onto a single frame of the film emphasises the passage of time and imbues his works with added dimensions of movement and dynamism.

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Zhou Hanshun’s “Frenetic City”, his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. “Frenetic City” features the city of Hong Kong where he had lived for several years. Beyond the visual cacophony of the city, Hanshun unveils the underlying vibrancy, energy and tensions of one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

“Frenetic City” runs from 23 March 2019 till 27 April 2019 at Art Projects Gallery. An opening reception with the artist present will be held on 23 March 2019, Saturday at 4-6pm.

Zhou Hanshun, Frenetic City 31; Archivial Pigment Print on Hahnenuhle Fine Art Paper, 80x80cm; Limited Edition of 5

Artist’s Statement:

To say life moves fast in a city is an understatement.

People go through life in an uncompromising, chaotic pace,

overcoming and absorbing anything in their path.

Time in the city seem to flow quicker, memories in the city

tend to fade away faster.

Nothing seems to stand still in a city.

This project examines the intense and chaotic environment of one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Hong Kong. When I first arrived in Hong Kong, I was immediately confronted by a society that is in fierce competition for physical and mental space. I decided to capture and re-create the tension and chaos that I experienced in photographic form. Each of the photographs in this series is not of a singular moment in time, but a multitude of moments in time captured in a single frame.

Zhou Hanshun, Frenetic City 06; Archivial Pigment Print on Hahnenuhle Fine Art Paper, 80x80cm; Limited Edition of 5

About the artist

Born 1975 and raised in Singapore, Zhou Hanshun is a Photographic Artist and Art Director. He graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT - Bachelor of Design with Distinction). His passion as a visual storyteller has been his constant exploration in his dual careers as an Art Director and Photographic Artist.

An avid traveller and citizen of the world, HanShun has lived in various cities including Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, using photography as a way to discover, investigate and document the culture and people in the places that he has lived in or visited.

Hanshun has exhibited at the KG+ Kyotographie Satellite Event (2018), Turnbas Cultural Center in Thessaloniki, Greece for Photoeidolo (2017), the Molekylo Gallery in Sweden, for the Malmo Fotobiennal (2017), the Gallery under Theatre in Bratislava, Slovakia for The Month of Photography Bratislava (2017), the Czech China Contemporary Museum in Beijing for the Songzhuang International Photo Biennale (2017), the PhotoMetria “Parallel Voices” exhibition in Greece (2016), the Addis Fotofest in Ethiopia (2016), among others.

Hanshun was awarded a Special Mention at the Balkan Photo Festival (2016), Shortlisted for the Hariban Award (2018 and 2017) and was a finalist of Photolucida Critical Mass (2016), among others.

About the exhibition

Dates: 23  March  –  27  April  2019, Tue  –  Sat:  11am  –  6pm

Venue: Art Projects Gallery

Address: Unit 17A, 17/F, Regency Centre Phase 2, 43 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Courtesy of the artist and Art Projects Gallery, for further information please visit