Ready To-Go! The 2021 Postgraduate Degree Show of CAFA Was Launched



On May 9th, 2021, the 2021 Graduation Season of the Central Academy of Fine Arts started as scheduled, featuring “Ready To-Go” as the theme for this year. After the impact of the pandemic in 2020, the Graduation Season returned from “online” to “offline”, and it has extended invitations to teachers, fellow students and the public to visit the exhibitions in the CAFAM, the Exhibition Hall for Plaster Model, the No. 7 Building, and various places on campus. At the same time, the online exhibition has not become a history of 2020, instead, this year it will be fully launched on May 24th. Not only will there be graduation works presented in the form of web pages, but also the viewing format of 720° panorama will be launched for the first time. This is another breakthrough in the format and connotation of the exhibition following the 2020 “Graduation Exhibition that will never go offline”.

Every year, the postgraduate degree show is the first stop of the graduation season at CAFA. In 2021, there is a total of 436 students participating in the postgraduate degree show of CAFA, including 55 doctors and 381 masters. More than 3,000 works are exhibited in the offline exhibition, involving painting, sculpture, experimental art, digital art, design, architecture, and fine arts, art history, art theories and many other fields. The undergraduate graduation exhibition will be divided into two stages and will be launched on May 25th  and June 8th.


Exhibition View

The 2021 graduates are both special and lucky. They entered the academy for the 100th  anniversary of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, which also means they are the 100th  graduating classes in CAFA. They have undergone a series of teaching strategies such as full online teaching, the combination of online and offline teaching, as well as offline classes after the pandemic, and have experienced unforgettable campus life and feelings.

As the preface of the postgraduate degree show “Ready To-Go, The Future Can be Expected” announced, “The exhibition of graduate works is an extremely important link in the training of high-end art talent at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. It is not only an effective working mechanism for testing the quality of graduate education in the academy but also an important platform for displaying teaching achievements and serving society.”


Exhibition View

It is reported that according to the requirements for the prevention and control of the pandemic, the opening ceremony is not yet allowed. However, the degree show still means a lot in every graduate’s heart. Behind the graduation exhibition, as scheduled, is the solid professional foundation of the graduates themselves, as well as the unremitting pursuit of academic ideals and perseverance in artistic sentiment. The graduation works and theses showcase the students’ great efforts and perseverance. 

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Time Schedule:

01 Postgraduate Degree Show 

Duration: 2021.05.09-05.20

Online Degree Show of Postgraduate Students 

Launch Date: 2021.05.25 

02 Undergraduate Degree Show—Stage One

Duration: 2021.05.25-06.04

Online Degree Show of Undergraduate Students—Stage One

Launch Date: 2021.06.08

03 Undergraduate Degree Show—Stage Two

Duration: 2021.06.08-06.20

Online Degree Show of Undergraduate Students—Stage Two

Launch Date: 2021.06.22

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