ShanghART M50 presents "Gao Jie: Sacrifice Hole" in Shanghai



ShanghART M50 is honored to present Gao Jie's first solo exhibition "Sacrifice Hole" on June 5, featuring the latest works in this series by the artist. Through rambling conversations, the artist captures the emotions, needs, and desires of the interviewer that are not generally accepted by society. Each painting is a repressed spiritual world, and this ghost-like purity of spirit itself is enough to become a new god, a new religion that walks in reality. The artist attempts to release these suppressed parts of humanity through his paintings and unveiled them for the first time in confusion.

Gao Jie, The Flying Spaghetti God, Acrylic on plasterboard, 105(H)x136(W)cm, 2020.jpg

Gao Jie, The Flying Spaghetti God, Acrylic on plasterboard, 105(H)x136(W)cm, 2020

From communication to creation, from display to transaction, the whole process is a complete sacrifice. The artist dedicates his time and life in conversations and drawings, paying tribute to the "gods" in the paintings, and when these paintings are viewed and collected, the art market will also complete a capitalist sacrifice on its own logic.

Installation View of How much is free art worth 01.jpg

How much is free art worth 02.jpg

How much is free art worth 03.jpg

Installation View of How much is Free art worth?

During the Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain (FIAC) in 2013, Gao Jie’s re-examined the value orientation of art and the rationality of interaction structure between art and society with his performance art “How much is free art worth?” he created in the early period of his career. 

How much is free art worth 04.jpg

How much is Free art worth?

The Venue of a Couple of Lovers.jpg

The Venue of a Couple of Lovers | 2013The Lofty Rally of a Journalist.jpgThe Lofty Rally of a Journalist | 2013A Bragger.jpgA Bragger | 2013

About the artist
Gao Jie(b.1979)was born in Xiamen lives and works in Paris, Shanghai, and Beijing. His practice followed a skeptical and philosophical interrogation of the world, with a constant focus on the relations between existence and spirits of modern people, individuals, and society as well as illusion and reality.
Recent solo exhibitions include: Faux Art History, SNAP, School of Visual Arts shanghai platform, Shanghai (2019); GAO Jié People’s Publishing House, U26, Shanghai (2018); Art4A.I., Bannister Gallery, Rhode Island College, USA (2017); How much is Free art worth?, Modulab Gallery, Metz, France (2014); The World, Tang Contemporary Art Center, Beijing (2013); Life against Life, A2Z Art Gallery, Paris, France (2011). Recent major group exhibitions include: How Now, How Art Museum, Shanghai (2019); Rituals in Rituals of the Future, Ming Contemporary Art, Shanghai (2018); Being Information, SSSSTART, project space of Start Museum, Shanghai (2017); Community of Celibates, Shanghai Galerie, Shanghai (2016); On The Way Home, Zhongshan Park Project, The 9th Shanghai Biennale (2013); Absolute Truth?, Tang Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand (2012).

About the exhibition

Curator: Lin Aaojie
Opening: 2021/06/05, 16:00
Duration: 2021/06/05 – 7/25 (Tue. - Sat. 10:30-18:00, Mon. & Sun. Closed)
Location: ShanghART M50, Bldg. 16, 50 Moganshan Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai, China 200060

Courtesy of the artist and ShanghART M50.