Zheng Lu's latest solo exhibition will be presented by HARMAY


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With the vivid form and silhouette, the art-pieces are the only connection between creator’s mindset and audiences. They are not completed, but always remain unfinished status conducted by many different sections of self consciousness, visible and approachable.

However artist likes to challenge the reliability of intermediaries in his trail for the uncertainties of the authenticity presented. It’s always helpless to define the truth, who and where we are, between spirit and soul in the chaos and messy spiritual aspect, only rely on the symbolic reflection from the audience and public environment. Eventually there’s no any answer could satisfy ourselves after getting off all presentation we wear.

In the new journey of this exhibition, No Where, Zheng Lu likes to restart the introspection and discovery for the truth of self consciousness. With multi-dimensional abstraction and various materials, artist provides immersive space with art-pieces in Harmay shop that audience could easily and directly feel the emotion, no matter belong to the artist or audience themselves. Wish this journey could comfort our melancholy for the uncharted future.

As tiny as a drop, as magnificent as tide, most of artworks in this exhibition simulate the element of ocean wave, by an abstract formulation suffuse the entire space.  

Zheng Lu, Water in Dripping - Silent Spring, 230×260×470 cm, Stainless steel, 2020.jpgZheng Lu, Water in Dripping - Silent Spring, 230×260×470 cm, Stainless steel, 2020

Through ever-changing water in various space, Shiosai shows the diversity and possibility of individual life; Water in Dripping utilize stainless steel to represent water’s spiral cycle, records the philosophic thoughts of water; Untitled imitates the sound wave, which transmits silently though water within a noisy mechanic environment.

Zheng Lu, Anisoptera's Eye·Aranya, 600×600×500 cm, Metal structure, LED, 2019.jpgZheng Lu, Anisoptera's Eye·Aranya, 600×600×500 cm, Metal structure, LED, 2019

ANISOPTERA'S EYE is a large multimedia art installation, composed with 13,000 modified solar-energy warning-light. It exhibited on Aranya sea in 2019, gradually scattered by tide. It not only stands for a vivid life entity, breathing with ocean, but also represent one’s eyes, looking for existence, evolution, and the deepest side of the ocean. The surging of the ocean is a medium for one’s emotion.

Among Zheng Lu’s artwork, light attracts unique interest. Art installation Black Ananas absorbs energy through solar energy batteries in daytime, and emits shining light to shape an "Black Ananas" at night. People will be embraced by the light when they come close, like the relationship between valentines. James Turrell, who is famous for manipulating light, once said “I choose light as a medium to show consciousness.

New perception would create blurred ripples in our mind, where I can find you when I want to say loving word. As Chinese poet Yan Shu wrote “I hope a letter could reach you and express my inner confusion, however, by those rolling mountains and meandering rivers, sadly I am wondering where you are”.

About the artist

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Zheng Lu graduated from Lu Xun Fine Art Academy, Shenyang, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture in 2003. In 2007, he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, while also attending an advanced study program at The École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Paris. Zheng Lu has participated in numerous exhibitions in China and abroad, including at the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem; The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow; Musée Océanographique, Monaco; Musée Maillol, Paris; the National Museum of China, Beijing; the Long Museum and the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai. In 2015, the artist had a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, one of the leading institutions in the region.

About the exhibition

Dates: 20 April-19 October, 2022


Courtesy of the Artist and HARMAY.