“Graduating During a Tough Period” : The 2022 CAFA Graduation Season Started



On 20th May, the 2022 Graduation Season of the Central Academy of Fine Arts was launched. During the pandemic, the Class of 2022 faced many difficult and indeterminate challenges: they had to study at home, created with limited materials ... While the key words like “tanking” or “lying flat” become new internet buzzwords, the online Graduation Season will showcase the graduates’ particular reflections with their works.

Featuring “Loading...” as the theme for this year, the Central Academy of Fine Arts has cooperated with Artron.Net to build the “Online Gallery” for the online degree show. At the same time, the “Digital Twin Campus of CAFA” presents the 3D images to represent the typical visual elements of the campus, and on the basis of the real-time clock and weather data, the situation of the virtual campus will simultaneously change . 

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As usual, the postgraduate degree show is the first stop of the Graduation Season. In 2022, there is a total of 476 students — the largest number in history — participating in the postgraduate degree show of CAFA. More than 3,000 works are exhibited, covering painting, sculpture, experimental art, digital art, design, architecture, art history, art theories and many other fields. The undergraduate graduation exhibition will be launched on May 25th and there will be more than 10,000 works by 874 graduates exhibited online. 

The Class of 2022 has experienced the unparalleled public health crisis. Working at home means there was a lack of enough space and other conditions especially for printmaking, as it is hard to get printing equipment; as for sculpture and mural painting, it is difficult to use hard materials; regarding design and architecture, displaying physical models has become impossible; many students had left their drafts on campus...Confronted with all of these unexpected difficulties, however, the Class of 2022 at CAFA has shown their wisdom and willpower with a broad conception and flexible form of expression. In view of the online exhibition, they independently arranged web pages and took videos. Finally, the exhibition is just as good as the predecessors, and it even shows deeper thinking and more expressive features.


The theme “Loading...” has evoked sympathy from both students and teachers. The maturity and depth of their thinking, wisdom and concentration of expression during the pandemic have demonstrated the courage and inner power of the students from CAFA, and they also have reflected the effective guidance and inspiration from the teachers. Behind all the graduation works is the solid professional foundation of the graduates themselves, as well as the unremitting pursuit of academic ideals and perseverance in artistic sentiment. The 2022 Graduate Season of CAFA will definitely become a special commemoration. The online exhibition, which can be accessed forever, is the shared memorial of the great efforts and perseverance by the CAFA Class of 2022. 



Time Schedule:

Online Degree Show of Postgraduate Students

Launch Date: 2022.05.20

Online Degree Show of Undergraduate Students

Launch Date: 2022.05.25 

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