Xi’an Art Museum presents “Wonderland – Fang Lijun Ink Painting”


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Exhibition View, Image Courtesy of SwallowTail Design

The “Wonderland – Fang Lijun Ink Painting” exhibition was launched on July 16, 2022 at Xi’an Art Museum. This exhibition is hosted by Xi’an Art Museum, with Mr. Yang Chao as the producer and Mr. Lu Hong as the curator. There are 308 pieces of Fang’s ink painting works on display. 

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Exhibition View, Image Courtesy of SwallowTail Design

All 308 paintings are ink portraits by Fang in recent years, and all prototypes come from Fang’s friends and families, as well as his teachers. As is said by Mr. Yang Chao, the producer, theses individual portraits formulate something like a group portrait, where the individual personality grows into a group one and finally becomes a utopian lifestyle and the spiritual value of group personality. Fang also refers to the narration of “utopia” and the like when he talks about his creation. When he socializes and depicts these friends, families and teachers in artistic ways, he will create a fascinating feeling of being in the wonderland. This is the reason why the exhibition is named “Wonderland”.

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Exhibition View, Image Courtesy of SwallowTail Design

Lu Hong, the Curator, comments that Fang “follows his heart and is not confined by rules” in his ink works. In other words, Fang begins with his subjective feelings, goes beyond existing practices and rules of history, thought, behavior and himself. 

About the exhibition

Wonderland – Fang LiJun Ink Painting


Organizers: Xi'an Art Museum ; QuJiang New District ; China National Society for the Promotion of Arts and Culture  Co-Organizer: Triumph Gallery ; Chinese National Academy of Arts of China National Society for Promotion of Art and Culture ; Archives of Contemporary Art of China ; JingDeZhen Ceramic University    

Producer: Yang Chao

Curator: Lu Hong

Duration: July 16 - October 16, 2022

Exhibition Venue: Hall 3, 2 / F, Xi'an Art Museum

Exhibition Catalogue Design: Lu Yang 

Exhibition Preparator: Gao Songyin, Fan Linfu, Bai Xiaodan, Huang Ying, Song Gang, Zhang Yichi, Fei Jialiang, Zhang Yifan, Xu Ruoxin, Hou Shuting, Gao Mingwei, Guo Hanbin, Kou Qixue

Exhibition &Visual Design: Yan Yiqing, Zhou Zhenpeng, Chen Ruzheng, Wu Haixuan, Cheng Song, Deng Xuan