How have “elder masters” at CAFA presented the “new epoch” over the past 100 years?

TEXT:CAFA ART INFO    DATE: 2022.10.21

20221017112334_5380.jpegOn 13th October, “Elder Masters—New Epoch” was unveiled at 3B exhibition hall of CAFA Art Museum, featuring 70 elder masters’ representative works that express the new epoch with multi-media such as oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, printmaking, sculptures, watercolors, among others.

At the opening ceremony on the morning of 13th October, Fan Di’an, President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and President of the China Artists Association, addressed the gathered audience with the artistic life and the academic spirit of elder professors at CAFA who have shown a demeanor of great masters, which bears firm cultural confidence and artistic ideals. They have closely connected the country, the nationality, the society, and the people with their art, consciously equipping themselves with the awareness of cultivating people, educating talent, and fostering a virtue for the party and the country. Their broad cultural mind and exquisite artistic motivation allows them to create a number of masterpieces, bringing the spiritual appeal of empressement and nobility.

Wang Xiaolin, Deputy Party Secretary of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Director of the Working Committee Concerned with the Next Generation, also mentioned that, on the one hand, the exhibition “Elder Masters—New Epoch” showcases the patriotism of elder masters at CAFA, which were embodied in their promotion and practice in terms of creating art for the country and the public, and devoting themselves into education, and their creative verve rooted in the era and life. On the other hand, the exhibition has constructed a scene featuring the interaction and support between three generations of art talent at CAFA, which narrates the spirit of cultivating and educating in CAFA’s cultural tradition.

“Elder Masters—New Epoch” is organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts and undertaken by the Working Committee Concerned with the Next Generation and the CAFA Art Museum. The exhibition is curated by Professor Yu Yang, who serves as the Director of the Academic Research Office at CAFA, and remains on view till 6th November.

*According to the requirements for pandemic prevention and control at CAFA, the exhibition currently only remains open to the faculty and students of CAFA.

Participating Artist List:

- Easel Painting Section:

Zhou Lingzhao, Dai Ze, Huang Yongyu, Lin Gang, Wu Biduan, Gao Chao, Zhong Han, Deng Shu, Yang Xianrang, Hou Yimin, Zhan Jianjun, Li Huaji, Feng Zhen, Ma Changli, Wen Lipeng, Yang Yilin, Gao Yaguang, Zhao Youping, Song Yuanwen, Du Jian, Jiang Caiping, Pang Tao, Shao Dazhen, Pan Shixun, Liang Yunqing, Jin Shangyi, Weng Naiqiang, Tan Quanshu, Yuan Yunsheng, Jin Hongjun, Wang Tongren, Guang Jun, Zhao Shiyan, Wen Bao, Zhang Peiyi, Zhang Lichen, Guo Yicong, Ge Pengren, Ye Yuzhong, Xue Yongnian, Lou Jiaben, Li Shaowen, Shang Libin, Wen Guozhang, Jia Youfu, Wang Yipeng, Sun Jingbo, Wu Manyi, Sun Weimin, Zhang Jiping, Dai Shihe, You Jindong, Cui Xinjian, Zhang Guilin, Hu Mingzhe, Ding Yilin, Gao Tianxiong, Cui Xiaodong, Cao Li, Xu Renlong

- Sculpture Section:

Liu Huanzhang, Zhang Zhaoxu, Zhao Ruiying, Shi Yi, Sheng Yang, Zhang Dedi, Zhang Ruikai, Cao Chunsheng, Sun Jiabo, Tian Shixin



Exhibition View


Zhou Linzhao, “Celebrating the Harvest, Moving to a New House”(“Into the House Ceremony” of She Ethnic Minority Group), acrylic on paper, 96cm×237cm, 2010.


Dai Ze, “Qinghai Fish”, oil on canvas, 41cm×53cm, 1980.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 11.49.29.pngHuang Yongyu, “Nowhere to pursue the heart of youth”, ink and color on paper, 124cmx119cm, 2001.


Lin Gang, "Standing Portrait of a Woman with Blue Coat”, oil on canvas, 106cmx68cm, 1957.

5.pngWu Biduan, “In Rapids”, colored woodcut, 51.5×138cm, 1984

6.pngZhong Han, “Warm Winter”, oil on canvas, 32cmx38cm, 2003.

7.pngDeng Shu, “Signature of Peace”, color on silk, 127cmx189cm, 1950.

8杨先让 《过去的奴隶今天的代表》 木板套色 47.3X56.5cm 1965年.jpg

Yang Xianrang, “Slaves of the Past, Representatives Today”, colored woodcut, 47.3X56.5cm, 1965.

9.pngHou Yimin, “Underground Workers”, oil on canvas, 210cmx176cm, 1957.

10.pngZhan Jianjun, “Spring Breeze”, oil on paper, 44.9cmx39.1cm, 1961.

11.pngWen Lipeng, “The Internationale”, oil on canvas, 243×199cm, 1963. Collected by CAFA Art Museum.

640.pngJiang Caiping, “Mr. Ye Qianyu”, light color with fine brushwork, 67cmx67cm, 1966.


Shao Dazhen, “The Divide between Ancient and Modern”, 36cmx130cm, 1986.

14.pngJin Shangyi, “Chasing Dreams”, oil painting, 100cmx95cm, 2019.


Wen Guozhang, “The Story of Hippophae Rhamnoides Forest”, oil on canvas, 2022.

Exhibition View of Sculpture Part

Translated, Edited and Exhibition View by CAFA ART INFO

Artworks courtesy of the organizer.


“Elder Masters—New Epoch”

Dates: 2022.10.13-11.6

Venue: 3B Exhibition Hall, CAFA Art Museum