The Inaugural ART HONG KONG To Be Launched On 16th November

TEXT:CAFA ART INFO    DATE: 2022.11.15


As the 14th Five-Year Plan supports Hong Kong’s development into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange, and in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Bauhinia Culture Group spearheads the inaugural ART HONG KONG – a 4-day international arts and culture gala comprising a large-scale art exhibition, an inspiring series of international art forums, an array of community-engaging workshops and masterclasses presented by Xiling School, and daily educational guided tours, from 16th to 19th November 2022 at Hall 5G at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Presented by China Young Leaders Foundation and Tsi Ku Chai, this strategic collaboration aims to enhance Hong Kong’s new cultural positioning, and the territory’s arts and culture development. As part of ART HONG KONG, the inaugural “Xiling Cup – Hong Kong Youth Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Engraving Competition” was held earlier across the town, engaging the Hong Kong youth to appreciate traditional Chinese arts and culture. The award-winning works from the competition will be on display during ART HONG KONG. The event is open to the public. 

Widely supported by prestigious arts and cultural organisations and institutions including the Hong Kong Palace Museum, Sino United Publishing, K11 Art Foundation, China Arts and Entertainment Group Limited, and partnering with the Antiquities and Monuments Office, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Hong Kong Member Association, Hong Kong Fine Art and Antiques Society, Artist Magazine and Xiling School, to name but a few, ART HONG KONG endeavours to demonstrate an embodiment of an international brand which boasts Chinese grandeur and Hong Kong characteristics, and the vibrant development of the contemporary Chinese arts and cultural development to the general public. ART HONG KONG is expected to develop into an influential international arts and cultural expo. 

Tradition and Modernity – Representative Works by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Artists 

The highlight of ART HONG KONG is the art exhibition “Tradition and Modernity”. Through the conversation between the old and the new, audiences will revisit the charm of traditional Chinese art through the lens of contemporary art. Nearly 40 representative works by six masters of modern Chinese arts namely Wu Guanzhong, Lin Fengmian, Xu Beihong, Chen Shuren, Fu Baoshi and Qi Baishi will grace the occasion with their visionary artistic approaches which have inspired generations of artists. Juxtaposing the masterpieces are the creative works by eight contemporary Chinese artists – Wang Tiande, Lam Tianxing, Hao Liang, Zhang Enli, Zhang Yanzi, Liang Yuanwei, Liu Jianhua and Xie Xiaoze – who utilise different perspectives in their interpretation of the dialectical relationship between “tradition” and “avant-garde”. By employing varied forms of unique expressions such as drawings, paintings, videos, and installations, the artists interpret the connection between ancient art and today’s community. The inspiring works together will shine new light on timeless classics in diverse contemporary styles and present an exquisite visual journey to the public. 

International Art Forum 

A series of five forums is poised to enhance the arts and cultural exchanges among Hong Kong, the Mainland and beyond. These forums focus on how to tell China stories well and how to popularise Chinese arts and culture while creating an atmosphere that encourages “everyone participates in culture and enjoys arts”. 

The series will cover topics from the contemporary relevance of Hong Kong archaeology, traditional and contemporary Chinese Art, museum’s role and function in bridging China and the West, to the future development of Hong Kong’s arts and cultural industry during the course. Keynote speakers include Dr. Pi Li, Sigg Senior Curator and Head of Curatorial Affairs, M+ in Hong Kong, Mr. Jay Xu, Director and CEO of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Mr. Yang Zhigang, former Director of the Shanghai Museum, Mr. Louis Ng, Museum Director of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, Mr. Joost Schokkenbroek, Director of Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Mr. Florian Knothe, Director of the University Museum and Art Gallery at the University of Hong Kong, Ms. Susanna Siu, Executive Secretary, Heritage Conservation Unit, Antiquities and Monuments Office, Mr. Ray Ma, Curator (Archaeology), Antiquities and Monuments Office, Mr. Chau Hing Wah, Curator (Special Duty) Archaeology of Hong Kong Museum of History among others. 

The Inaugural “Xiling Cup – Hong Kong Youth Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Engraving Competition” and the Award-Winner Exhibition 

In anticipation of the ART HONG KONG, the inaugural “Xiling Cup – Hong Kong Youth Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Engraving Competition” hosted by Xiling School was held over summer, engaging the Hong Kong youth to appreciate and practise traditional Chinese arts and culture. Students from 226 primary and secondary schools are invited to participate. Nearly 1,000 entries have been received and 80 outstanding 3 works are selected by a professional panel of judges. The award-winning works from the competition will be on display during ART HONG KONG, showcasing the artistic talents of the younger generation. The award ceremony will be held on the last day of ART HONG KONG as part of the grand finale. 

Xiling School – Workshops and Masterclasses 

Founded by Xiling Seal Engraver’s Society, aka the world’s first civil organisation, and Tsi Ku Chai in 2017, Xiling School aims to inherit and popularise traditional Chinese culture through its carefully-designed courses in Chinese calligraphy, painting, seal engraving, to name but a few. The School’s teaching faculty will present nearly 20 workshops and masterclasses to the public at HKCEC during ART HONG KONG, encompassing ink wash paintings, watercolours, Chinese calligraphy, seal engraving, etc.


Date: 16th to 19th November 2022 (Wed to Sat) 

Venue: Hall 5G at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 

Time:  16th Nov – VIP Private View; by invitation only  17th to 19th Nov – 10am to 7pm daily open to the public

Courtesy of ART HONG KONG.