Chen Wenji's latest 24 paintings are showcased at AYE Gallery


Installation View of  (   ) Chen Wenji Solo Exhibition 03.pngInstallation View of “(   ) Chen Wenji Solo Exhibition"

AYE Gallery launched its first exhibition of the year 2023 “(   ) Chen Wenji Solo Exhibition” by artist Chen Wenji on 15 January, 2023. This is the fourth solo exhibition project that Chen Wenji collaborated with AYE Gallery since 2006.

Chen focuses more on the effective handling of viewers’ reaction of paintings in the spatial relationship for the upcoming exhibition. Twenty-four paintings of various expressions and materials from different periods of his life were selected to stage an effective viewing scene, in an attempt to provide visual basis for the viewers and inspire the viewers to ponder. This also reflects the artist’s emphasis on the significance of identification in subjective viewing.

Exhibition View 05.png

Exhibition View 04.png

Exhibition View.pngInstallation View of“(   ) Chen Wenji Solo Exhibition”

“(   ) Chen Wenji Solo Exhibition” is on display at AYE Gallery from 10: 00 am to 6: 00 pm every Tuesday to Sunday from January 15th to March 15th, 2023.

About the Artist

Chen Wenji’s aesthetic language revealed on the surface may seem westernized, however the psychology within his works and its enlightenment are very oriental. He has fused artistic forms from both East and West, and completed it with artist’s own way of expression. Unlike other contemporary artists, he does not stick on realism, or frankly expresses ideas and philosophies, or imitates something foreign onto his work. Rather, he integrates and internalizes his work and personal thoughts, placidly revealing his intentions and self.

Currently, Chen Wenji is a professor at Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. He comes from a humble family and is a keen intellect with quiet ideas. Thus, coming from this background, both beautiful and social perspectives can be found simultaneously in his works.

Born in 1954 in Shanghai, China, Chen Wenji graduated from Central Academy of Fine Art in Department of Printingmaking. He was awarded from China Artists Association (1987), China Oil Painting Society (1993), National Exhibition of Fine Arts (2004) and more, actively working in this field.

Text courtesy Hakgojae Gallery.

About the Exhibition


Dates: 2023/01/15 – 2023/03/15

Venue: AYE Gallery

Courtesy of the Artist and AYE Gallery.