"Editing" Art: Introduction to the curators and artists participating in the 2023 online exhibition

DATE: 2023.8.4


In May 2023, CAFA ART INFO released the theme of the online exhibition, “Editing” Art: The Wanderer in Virtual Space. By focusing on the topics including the possibility of online exhibitions as an alternative in special times, the development and ecology of the Internet culture, “editing” as a method of creation in contemporary art, and reflections on curatorship and discourse, the curatorial team hopes to shape a holistic concept where the theme of the exhibition, the structure of the "exhibition hall", the aesthetics of the design, and the content of the works complement each other and offer an explanation for each other.

The exhibition, “Editing” Art: The Wanderer in Virtual Space, invites sixteen curators from different countries and generations, and with experience of participating in or responding to the work of “editing” to various extent and in various ways. Each of them further invites an artist (or a group of artists) to complete the exhibition together. Under the umbrella theme of this online exhibition, the participating curators and artists are free to choose among the keywords including “Editing” Art, “Chaos-Order”, “Wanderer”, “Internet Culture”, and “Curator-Artist Collaboration Model” to develop the programme of 16 sub-exhibitions. The works to be showcased shall cover a variety of media, and fit to thrive in a “low-tech” online exhibition hall.

As a critical location of display, the online exhibition hall adopts “floating windows” for the main visual element which shall be centred around two (sets of) keywords, “Chaos/Randomness”, and “Order”, thus extending and exploring the visual language. By simplifying the webpage interaction to the basic gestures of swiping and clicking, the curatorial team hopes to inspire reflections on the reading experience shaped by the development of the Internet and the searching habits trained by computing programmes.


0.jpegOrganiser: CAFA ART INFO

Academic Chair: Fan Di’an

Curatorial Team: Zhu Li, Sue Wang, Emily Weimeng Zhou, Du Mengxi

Exhibition Editors: Emily Weimeng Zhou, Du Mengxi

Visual Design: Yang Liuqing