2024 CAFA Graduation Season丨Geng Tan Julang: Feel emotional healing from “His Cats”


On May 1, 2024 CAFA Graduation Season was officially unveiled at CAFA Art Museum. Just as the theme “Direction of the Heart” contains good wishes and sincere expectations for Class of 2024 at CAFA, 2024 CAFA Graduation Season does not only contain their art achievements,  their enthusiasm and perseverance in creation are also reflected, which further conveys the imagination and expectations of young students as they embark on the road to the future.

01 His Cats.png

02 His Cats.png

His Cats

Geng Tan Julang, Sculpture Department of CAFA

12 Creative Process of His Cats.pngCreative Process of His Cats

Inspired by the cats owned by my friend, I think that symbolized style makes it easier for the spectators to empathize with my work. It seems that everyone find emotional healing from them.

04 His Cats.png

05 His Cats.pngHis Cats

07 Exhibition View of His Cats.png

08 Exhibition View of His Cats.png

09 Exhibition View of His Cats.pngExhibition View of His Cats

When I was enrolled in CAFA, I wanted to concentrate on learning the modeling language of sculpture; now I feel very calm, and I am thinking about my future employment direction; my expectation for the future is reflected in another long-term work, which I have been urging myself to do. I do not have anything perfectly certain about it, but only things that are clearly uncertain.

13 Works by Geng Tan Julang.png

14 Works by Geng Tan Julang.png

15 Works by Geng Tan Julang.png

16 Works by Geng Tan Julang.webp.pngWorks by Geng Tan JulangCourtesy of Geng Tan Julang, edited by CAFA ART INFO.