Chen Haoyang—A Film Director Without a Background in Contemporary Art Cannot Make a Decent Art Film Director?

TEXT:Sue Wang    DATE: 2019.3.29

Albert Camus once said that, no artist can live without reality. Art can question reality, but art cannot escape from reality. Compared with most mature artworks, the living conditions and life stories behind the art production seem to be more intriguing. Taking from the first-person perspective, CAFA ART INFO is now presenting you with our latest micro video program, “Art Walk: Behind the Scenes”. With a focus on individual artists’ life stories, we will take you on a tour to explore how an artist actually works and lives in real-life situations. This series will be filmed at a part of the artists’ studios at some art districts in Beijing. Each artist’s unique character will be revealed to our audience in a more realistic and tangible way.

“Art Walk: Behind the Scenes”

Episode 10: Chen Haoyang

(Time:03' 32'')

Chen Haoyang, Border No.1, Hahnemüehle Photo Rag Baryta, 150x375cm, 2018

Chen Haoyang was born in Changsha, Hunan province in 1980. In 2007, he graduated from the Department of Photography and Video Design at China Central Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, Haoyang set himself apart from worldly affairs and did scriptwriting for a few years as he aspired to be a film director. In 2010, he was able to realize his dream, by participating in the production of an art film called “Song of Silence”. Since 2014, Haoyang has shifted his career focus to the creation of contemporary art. His works use photography, video and installation as the main mediums.

Chen Haoyang, The Series of Flowers and Birds, Photography, 100x100cm, 2010

Chen Haoyang, The Series of Flowers and Birds No.7, Photography, 100x100cm, 2013

Chen Haoyang, The Orchid Pavilion, Photography, Carbonized branch, 80x260cm, 2010

Chen Haoyang was inspired by the process of burning charcoal, and has created numerous photographs on the theme of burned wood. In 2010, Chen Haoyang started making “The Series of Burning Wood”, in which he used the charcoal from burning tree branches to make a collage of The Orchid Pavilion. He used the same method to create The Series of Flowers and Birds: although the flowers look completely burned, in fact the artist only burned the surface. The inside of the stamen is still fresh. Chen Haoyang, is from the sign of Cancer, he is very sensitive and he always pays attention to his senses. Therefore, he hopes to achieve a more pristine and wild state while creating.

Chen Haoyang, Living in Seclusion, 9'00", 2018, screenshot

Chen Haoyang, Living in Seclusion, 9'00", 2018, screenshot

Currently, the artwork that is on sale is his main financial income. He spends most of his income on continuously making new art pieces. Recently, Chen Haoyang has been working on turning a laser cutter into a machine for his art making. Ideally, he will use laser cutting techniques to burn out different shapes on the wooden panels, and then he will produce art from there.

Chen Haoyang, Peace, wood, a table and four chairs, size variable, 2015

Chen Haoyang, Peace, details

As for Chen Haoyang, being a film director and a contemporary artist at the same time is not a conflict. Moreover, he hopes to integrate these two forms of art and make an art film that no one else has ever accomplished before.

Chen Haoyang, Greenhouse No.1, Hahnemüehle Photo Rag Baryta, 150x224cm, 2018

Chen Haoyang, Greenhouse No.2, Hahnemüehle Photo Rag Baryta, 150x224cm, 2018

Chen Haoyang, Greenhouse No.3, Hahnemüehle Photo Rag Baryta, 150x224cm, 2018

Chen Haoyang, One Centimeter Above the Ground, wood, mirror, 40x60x500cm, 2015

Chen Haoyang, One Centimeter Above the Ground, details

Chen Haoyang, Dynamic Installation, yoga ball, stainless steel, pump, control valve, 60x60x60cmx12, 2015

Chen Haoyang, One Half, wood, mirrors, carbon powder, size variable, 2015