Wu Xiaohai: Intranquil Nature


On March 4th, 2023, “Wu Xiaohai: Intranquil Nature” was unveiled at the IOMA Space. Focusing on the concept of “Nature and Observing”, the exhibition showcases the latest paintings, sculptural installations by Wu Xiaohai in recent years, and a 3D video that he completed by VET (virtual engine technology). Through a variety of artistic expression, “nature” that is well known to people but contains infinite vitality is shown to spectators in different art forms. The exhibition is academically chaired by Fan Di’an, President of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Zhang Zikang, Director of CAFA Art Museum serves as the curator.

About the Exhibition 

“Wu Xiaohai: Intranquil Nature”

Duration: March 3–April 16, 2023

Venue: IOMA Space

Courtesy of Wu Xiaohai and IOMA Space.