International Youth Printmakers Invitational Exhibition 2022 is presented in Changsha

TEXT:CAFA ART INFO    DATE: 2022.12.29

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Exhibition View

Chinese modern printmaking has made remarkable achievements since the 1930s. Especially since the 1980s, China’s printmaking creation has shown a more diversified trend, but there are still significant differences with western contemporary printmaking in terms of technology, philosophy, aesthetic interest, expression of personality and other aspects. This regional language difference has constantly contributed to the transformation of Chinese contemporary printmaking into a more international theme.

Since the 1990s, with the intervention of video, digital media and other technical means, printmaking art itself has shown new vitality. Traditional printmaking has been faced with innovation from technology to concept. The cross media characteristics and comprehensive attributes of printmaking have become increasingly prominent, and its expressiveness has also expanded accordingly.

This exhibition, with the theme of “International Youth Printmaking”, shows more than 100 representative works of 43 young printmakers from China, France, the UK, the USA and other locations.

阿伦·福斯特 《 通道 》182x182cm 蓝晒、丝网.jpg

Alan Foster, The Passage, 182×182cm, cyanotype, silkscreen程庆陶 《 玫瑰玫瑰 2 》70×100cm 木刻.jpg

Cheng Qingtao, Rose Rose 2, 70×100cm, woodcut扎迪·罗宾 《 这是完整的故事交流中心 》 74×57cm  艺术家手工书.jpg

Zadie Robin, This is the Complete Story Communication Center, 74×57cm, artist book胡蓉  《 线的记忆6号 》 50×80cm  丝网.jpg

Hu Rong, My Memory No. 6, 50×80cm, silkscreen朱莉·萨沃耶 《 无滴度 2 》40×50cm 丝网.jpg

Julie Savoyer, No Titer 2, 40×50cm, silkscreen斯蒂芬斯·科莱特 《 雌雄同体 》30× 40 cm 蚀刻.jpg

Stephens Colette, Androgynous, 30×40 cm, etching李长兴《有意味的相遇》92×62.5cm 石版.jpg

Li Changxin, Intentional Encounter, 92×62.5cm, lithograph陈叶 《 Peaceful 》15×21cm 铜版.jpg

Chen Ye, Peaceful, 15×21cm, copperplate

The printmaking art works produced in different countries, nationalities and cultural backgrounds are displayed together. We expect this exhibition to produce a natural ideological collision, cultural exchange and artistic comparison. The visual dimension, media application, language style, cultural attributes and other characteristics presented by these works also reflect the overall trend of contemporary international print creation from another level.

The Shuidu River International Art Festival has been successfully held five times since 2017. With the dedication and continuous exploration of the College of Fine Arts and Design of Changsha Normal University, the Shuidu River International Art Festival has become an influential academic exchange platform. The 6th Shuidu River International Art Festival is undoubtedly the most noteworthy with international youth printmaking as the theme. From the perspective of international art, we can effectively connect the cutting-edge art concepts and expression techniques with art education in universities, and build a bridge for diversified academic exchanges. Such practice is of great significance for the reform and development of art education in universities.

In the late winter of 2022, in the name of a river in southern China, the youth power of international printmaking is singing, stirring and rushing forward. This is more wonderful art that transcends national boundaries that is introduced to us, and we are willing to share it with you.

Luo Xiangke

Dean and Professor, College of Fine Arts & Design, Changsha Normal University

Director of Printmaking Art Committee,Hunan Artists Association

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Exhibition View

About the Exhibition


Dates: December 16, 2022-December 30, 2022

Venue: Art Gallery of Changsha Normal University

General Planner: Luo Xiangke

Co-Curators: Marc Brunier, Liz Roth, Scott Ludwig, Liu Jing

Curatorial Assistants: Tang Jianfeng, Li Mengjie


Changsha Normal University

Printmaking Art Committee of Hunan Artists Association


School of Fine Arts & Design, Changsha Normal University

International Cooperation & Exchange Office of Changsha Normal University

Discipline Development Planning Division of Changsha Normal University


Shuiduhe Art Gallery of Changsha Normal University

Xiaoxiang International Printmaking Art Center

Courtesy of the Organizers, edited by CAFA ART INFO.