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Qiu Ting

Qiu Ting

Born in Guangdong Province in January 1971, Qiu Ting studied in the Department of Chinese Painting at the China Academy of Art, majored in Landscape Painting, gaining a bachelor degree, from September 1992 to July 1996, and studied for a masters degree from September 1997 to July 2000; he then graduated from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University after gaining a doctorate from September 2000 to January 2004; since 2004 to today, he has taught at CAFA as an associate professor. His works have been included in a variety of exhibitions at home and abroad and collected by many art organizations, including the Palace Museum, National Art Museum of China, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Toronto Museum (Canada), Brittany City Federal Committee (France), Zhejiang Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, Shenzhen Art Museum, CAFA, China Academy of Art, Tsinghua University, Jingxi Hotel, etc.

The published monographs include “Interpretation of the Techniques of Mountains-and-Waters Painting in Brush and Ink”, “Study of the Landscape of the Mountains-and-Waters Painting in the Dong Dynasty”, “Review of the Techniques of All the Famous Paintings from the Past Dynasties”, “Crying Deer Amid Maples”, “ A Collection of the Technology of the Past Dynasties – the Way of Clouds and Water”, “Palaces, Boats and Bridges”, “Characters in the Scenery”, “Contemporary Chinese Artists Talk About Art – Qiu Ting”, the catalogue “Qiu Ting’s Sketches of Landscape”, “Masterpieces of Chinese Ink Painting – Qiu Ting”, “Living in Qiu Garden to Preserve Nature”, “Clouds and a Creek”, “Mountains and Water in the Yuan Dynasty”, “Qiu Ting’s Sketches in Wuyuan”, “Living in Qiu Garden to Preserve Nature – Sketches in Guilin and Huangyao”, “Eyes of Landscapes”, etc., among “Interpretation of the Techniques of Mountains-and-Water Paintings in Brush and Ink” is identified as the professional teaching material by 10 universities and colleges of art across the country.

Academic activities, books and exhibitions:

July, 2015 Living in Qiu Garden to Preserve the Nature – Qiu Ting’s Exhibition of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Jinan

May, 2015 South & North – the Exhibition of Landscape Paintings, National Center for the Performing Arts, Beijing

May, 2015 On the Road of Chinese Ink Painting – Contemporary Academy Chinese Painting Youth Academic Invitational Exhibition, Beijing

January, 2015 “The World Reflected by Snow” Contemporary Artists of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Annual Academic Invitational Exhibition, Beijing

November, 2014 Mountain and Flowing Water - the Exhibition of Chinese Landscape Paintings, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

October, 2014 In the Name of Nature – Landscape Paintings and Ink Paintings Invitational Exhibition, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

June, 2014 “Chinese Ink Painting of the Four Seasons” Outstanding Contemporary Artists of Chinese Painting Nominated Exhibition, Art Museum of Jiangsu Academy of Art

December, 2013 International Ink Painting Biennale of Shenzhen, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen

October, 2013 Woods and Spring Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, and Gardening Art Exhibition, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou Municipal Government

July, 2013 “Chinese Ink Painting of the Four Seasons” Outstanding Artists of Chinese Painting Nominated Exhibition, Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy, Beijing

April, 2012 “View” Hand Scroll and Album Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art

December, 2012 Annual Outstanding Chinese Young Artists Award, Chinese National Academy of Arts, Beijing

September, 2012 “View” – Qiu Ting’s Hand Scroll and Album Exhibition, Wuhan Art Museum

November, 2011 View” – Qiu Ting, Xu Jian’s Hand Scroll and Album Dual Solo Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing

September, 2011 Living in Qiu Garden to Preserve the Nature – Qiu Ting’s Exhibition of Painting, Beijing

September, 2011 Pure Views Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu

June, 2011 Invited to had a lecture of Chinese ink painting in Provence in the South of the France

January, 2011 The First Chinese Painting Biennale in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou

December, 2010 “Capital Times and Landscape” National Famous Artists Academic Invitational Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art

December, 2010 “Learn from the Ancient” Ten Artists Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

October, 2010 “Painting for China” the Exhibition for the Teachers from the School of Chinese Painting, CAFA, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

May, 2010 Reshaping History China Art from China 2000-2009, National Convention Center, Beijing

December, 2009 The professional course “Copy of the Landscape Painting in the Song Dynasty” was named the excellent professional course by CAFA

January, 2009 The professional course “The Way to Draw Trees and Stones” was named the selected course by CAFA

2008 “Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition” National Museum in Dresden, Germany

December, 2008 Brittany Sketch Touring Exhibition, Shandong Provincial Museum, Shandong

November, 2008 The 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, Retrospective of Chinese Painting Creative Achievement, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

November, 2008 The West Lake Culture Forum Ten Artists Across the Country Draw West Lake Painting Exhibition, Hangzhou

October – November, 2007 Invited to America to have a special academic lecture by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

September, 2007 Chinese Painting Forum National Outstanding Painters Invitational Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

August, 2007 “The Blue Brittany” Chinese Touring Exhibition, Sichuan Art Museum, Chengdu

May, 2007 Story of a Town - Brittany Sketch Touring Exhibition in France, Paris, Rennes, etc.

April, 2007 The Same World – Chinese Painters Paint UN Family Art Exhibition, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, etc.

December, 2006 The 5th International Ink Painting Biennale in Shenzhen, Shenzhen

May-June, 2006 Invited to sketch in France by Sino-EU Economic Exchange Commission, Brittany Tourism Administration, France, and had a touring exhibition in France

April, 2006 “Experience of Ink and Brush” Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting, Figure Painting Academic Nominated Exhibition, Beijing

July, 2005 Nature and Man - the 2nd Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting and Oil Painting of Landscape Exhibition and Academic Conference, the work “Sunny Day After the End of Snow” won the excellent award

July, 2005 Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu

December, 2004 Won the Excellent Teachers Creation Award by CAFA in the National Art Exhibition

2004 Published the monograph “Study of Landscaping of Landscape Paintings in the Song Dynasty”, Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House

October, 2004 Focus on the Western China – Ministry of Culture series activities in Inner Mongolia Invited Exhibition of Chinese Painting

September, 2004 Participated in the “Image and Survival” Shanghai Biennale and Academic Seminar

June, 2004 “Mountains and Flowing Water” Landscape Painting Invitational Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

March, 2004 Contemporary Chinese Artists Exhibition Series – Qiu Ting’s Landscape Painting Exhibition, Shenzhen Academy of Painting, Shenzhen

Courtesy of the artist, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO