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Yuan Yunsheng

Portrait of Yuan Yunsheng.jpgYuan Yunsheng, born in Nantong, Jiangsu Province on April 4, 1937, graduated from the Third Studio directed by Dong Xiwen, Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 1962. In 1979, he participated in making mural paintings for Beijing Capital International Airport and taught in Mural Department of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and CAFA. He gained attention from art and intellectual circles with the portraits of Xishuangbanna people, as well as a large fresco “Water Sprinkling Festival: An Ode to Life” commissioned by Beijing Capital International Airport. In 1982, he was invited to visit the United States until 1988 and taught at Tufts University, Massachusetts University, Smith College, Harvard University. During his stay, he created a large number of mixed media works on paper. In September 1996, he was invited to be the Director and Professor of the Fourth Studio of the Oil Painting Department, CAFA. He initiated research project “Reproduction of Traditional Chinese Sculpture and Establishment of Contemporary Chinese Art Education System”, attempted to seek inspiration and new enlightenment from traditional Chinese sculptures, frescoes, portrait stones, portrait bricks and other “non-painting systems”.

His recent important solo exhibitions includes: “Regeneration”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing (2021); “The Restoration of the Memory –A Study of the History of Yuan Yunsheng’s work ‘Memories of the Water Town’”, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing (2021); “Extol Life”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing (2019); “Self-Conscious to the Civilization: Renowned Chinese Artists of Fine Arts in the 20th Century”, National Art Museum, Beijing (2017); The Third Path—Yuan Yunfu Yuan and Yunsheng Paintings Exhibition, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing (2014).

His works have been collected by important art galleries and institutes at home and abroad.

Yuan Yunsheng

Born in 1937, Nantong, Jiangsu Province.

Currently he lives and works in Beijing.

Education Background

1955 – 1962, he graduated from the third studio of the Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts and learned from Mr. Dong Xiwen.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021 “Regeneration”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing

2021 “The Restoration of the Memory”, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

2019 “Extol Life”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing

2017 “Self-Conscious to the Civilization: Renowned Chinese Artists of Fine Arts in the 20th Century”, The National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2014 “The Third Way: Exhibition of Works by Yuan Yunfu and Yuan Yunsheng”, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing

2001 “Exhibition of Works by Yuan Yunsheng: Departing from China”, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

2010 “Cooked Rice? Yuan Yunsheng’s Solo Exhibition”, Galerie 99, Alfredo Fort, Germany

1993 “Exhibition of Paintings by Yuan Yunsheng”, Beijing World Screen Art Museum, Beijing

1991 “Yuan Yunsheng’s Recent Works”, 456 Gallery, New York

1984   Stayed as a visiting scholar in Harvard and held a solo exhibition, U.S.A

1978  “Delineation Sketches Exhibition”, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Yunnan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 “Spring Fever”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing

2020 “15th Anniversary Special Exhibition”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing

2001 “Chinese Styling Art Exhibition”, Alexandria Museum, Cairo, Egypt

1997 “47th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale”, Biennale di Venezia, Italy

Main Publications

2017 Self-Conscious to the Civilization, Culture and Art Publishing House

2001 Selected Works by Famous Chinese Painter: Yuan Yunsheng, Hebei Educational Publishing House

1998 Classic Chinese Sketches Library: Collection of Yuan Yunsheng’s Sketches, Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

1980 Happy Water-Sprinkling Festival, Chinese and English bilingual comic strip, Yunnan People’s Publishing House

1979 The Collection of Delineation Sketches Created in Yunnan, Yunnan People’s Publishing House

        The Sketches of Yuan Yunsheng, Hebei People’s Publishing House

Important Collectors

National Art Museum of China, CAFA Art Museum, National Museum of Modern Art in Seoul, Canadian International Mural Association, etc.

Courtesy of the artist and Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, edited by CAFA ART INFO