TEXT:Sue Wang    DATE: 2011.10.11

The concept, guanxi, which is full of Chinese characteristics, has become a topic of great importance for international social research and cultural studies. In a Chinese context, guanxi has become life itself. GUANXI:Contemporary Chinese Art gets rid of the traditional historical narration using a lineal approach, and reexamines the concept of China’s guanxi. It is a collection of guanxi both from imagination and reality, manifestation or memory, revealing and discussing the contemporary qualities of guanxi.

The exhibition will be held in Guangdong Museum of Art and Today Art Museum. The curator, Jiang Jiehong, curated the exhibition by emailing with the twelve participating artists, creating a new guanxi that explores, starts and evaluates. As a bond between curating and art practices, email might enable the curator and artists to go above the exhibition and study critically the concept of guanxi in the context of sociology and visual culture; this might display the relevant art projects as they respond to guanxi ; or may reflect on the curating and art practices, including on emails as a means of communication. Thus, curating has been more effectively involved in the artist’s world, and artists could really contribute to curating. This practice is not only for holding the exhibition, but also for the works, and for stimulating and influencing art practices in a new way.

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Organizer: Today Art Museum

Exclusive Sponsor: J.P. Morgan

Curator: Jiang Jiehong

Artists(From A to Z): Jiang Zhi, Qiu Zhijie, Shao Yinong, Shi Jinsong, Shi Qing, Xiang Jing, Xiao Yu, Yang Xinguang, Yang Zhenzhong, Zhang Dali, Zhang Enli, Zhuang Hui & Dan’er

Opening: 5:30pm, October 9, 2011

Duration: October 10 - 23, 2011

Venue: 3rd and 4th floor exhibition hall of building 1, 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 2, 1st and 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 3, Today Art Museum