Ecotopia vs. Dystopia--Photo Gallery

TEXT:Sue Wang    DATE: 2011.11.1

Architect and artist Ye Cheng who now lives and works in France holds his one-month solo exhibition from October 6th, 2011 in the Nivet-Carzon Gallery near the Pompidou Center. This exhibition showcases three series of Ye Cheng’s works: Ecotopia, installations; China Specimen: Circusee, sculpture and Physical Spirituality, painting. It is thus divided into three themes of utopia, dystopia and psychotropic substances.

Ye Cheng advocates “the Rural Counterattack City” which encourages the introduction of eco-agriculture to the inner city, restructuring the existing relations of production and consumption which leads to his original conception of a citizenship society composed of “urban farmers” and “urban agriculture collective ownership”.

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