The Studio of Wang Shaojun--Video

TEXT:Sue Wang    DATE: 2011.11.22

Short Introduction of Wang Shaojun

Born in Tianjin, Beijing in 1959;

Graduated from the Department of Sculpture, the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1982;

Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, vice president of the Department of Sculpture, the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Graduate Supervisor;

Committee Member of Arts Council, National Sculpture Committee, Executive Director and Deputy Secretary-General of Society of Chinese Sculpture;

Committee Member of Sculpture Institute in the Beijing Artists Association;

Exhibitions (selected)


“Urban Romance I” at the Reporting to Our Motherland—the New Chinese Art Exhibition in 60 Years, National Art Museum of China, Beijing;

“China’s Accession to the WTO” at the National Major Historic Themed and Creative Engineering Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing;


“Revealed Vividly on Papers—Wang Shaojun Solo Exhibition of Sculptures” at 798 Dis., Beijing


“Chao Yu” at the Experimental Portraits of Contemporary Chinese Sculptors Exhibition, Tianjin;


The Century of Sculpture—the Launching Exhibition of Shanghai Urban Sculpture Center, Shanghai;


“Urban Romance I” at the 10th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, National Art Museum of China;


“Colorless Memories” at the Platform of Time and Space—2001 Exhibition of Sculptures


Sculpture Series of Anti-Japanese War—Horrendous Bombardment at the Exhibition of Fine Arts on the Occasion of the 55th Memorial Anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War, Beijing, awarded a First Prize.


Acknowledgement of Sculpture published by People’s Fine Arts Publishing House; Sculpture Standard Experimental Textbook of the Normal Senior High School published by Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House; Drapery of Clay Professional Basis Teaching Material published by Hebei Education Publishing House;


International Olympic Committee, National Museum of China, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Film Museum of China, Beijing International Sculpture Park, Changchun International Sculpture Park, Fuzhou International Urban Sculpture Park, Shanghai Municipal Government, Nanchang Municipal Government, Hangzhou Municipal Government, Yixing Municipal Government, Shijiazhuang Municipal Government, Jiaozuo Municipal Government, etc.